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Some March Empties!

I receive an email from audible, The Spring Releases You’ve Been Waiting For. And I am thinking, Awesome, because this is the time of year when all of the new Nordic Noir books hit the shelves. I eagerly open the email only to discover a list of shit releases that I have little to no interest in. At one time, writing and publishing a book was a big deal – not just anyone could do it. Now it seems, that any jerk with an internet connection and word processor can release whatever drivel their pea-brains conjure up. I’m sorry, not one but two books about Prince Harry’s wedding?! Who is giving a single shit? At least a dozen dirty novels with the Brawny paper towel guy on the cover – how is there a market for those? If you’ve read one dirty novel, you’ve read them all – I think they are actually called erotic novels now but same goes. Another book about Trump, how about we not commemorate this presidency? Honestly, talk about disappointed.

This post is late because I didn’t think I had any empties but found a small bag when I was looking for something in my bathroom this weekend. Colour me surprised…and forgetful.

CosRX Acne Pimple Master Patch – I am obsessed with these! I had no idea how effective they would be at healing spots. Not only do they reduce inflammation and redness, they help broken skin heal faster. I bought an economy pack because I cannot be without these!

Neogen Calendula Cleansing Water – I keep getting samples of this from various skincare sites that I have been ordering from and I think it’s OK. I probably wear too much makeup for this to do the trick but if you wear a more natural face, this might work better. It smells nice and I like the way it softens my skin but I have to use a ton of it to remove my makeup completely.

Son & Park Beauty Water – This is my second sample of this one and I already have a full-size on hand. This stuff is awesome at removing makeup, I only need one cotton pad to remove everything.

La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream – My BFF whom I originally gifted a sample of this to talked me into trying it myself. I chose this as a gift when I ordered their foundation which, I really like. But this is not for me, my skin was so greasy by the end of the day and my makeup was just oozing off my face. Yuck. Plus, it smells like diapers.


Embryolisse Creme – Love this stuff, I bought out my local Target and I haven’t seen it comes back in stock yet!

Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go – I use these on my neck and chest, the pad delivery makes them super handy and easy to use.


Fit Me Loose Powder – By far my fave setting powder, it minimizes pores and isn’t too matte for my dry skin. Super affordable, awesome finish.

Tarte Shape Tape – Eh, I would love to not like this. I have purchased replacements but I think that there is less product in the new tubes! I don’t want to go all conspiracy theory but I can already see through the tube and I’ve only had them for a couple of weeks. I dunno, I ordered some Colourpop concealers when they were 2/$10 this weekend and hoping to find a replacement for this. Also, you would not believe how much product there is that the wand is too short to reach. I used a longer wand from another concealer to scrape all of the product out – definitely recommend doing that or loads of product goes to waste.


Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion – 10 points for the hydration this provides and it’s quick absorbing but I didn’t love it on me as much as others did. I always get compliments when I wear this but the scent was too much for me.


VERB Ghost Shampoo & Conditioner – I liked this for my long hair, it was moisturizing but gave my hair lots of body. I also love the scent, it’s a light citrus scent and overall enjoyed these products. They make my short hair a bit too fluffy though, like a cockatiel – at least, that’s what I thought when I looked in the mirror πŸ˜›


That’s it for empties this time around! Thanks for stopping by <3



  • hoiyinli

    For some reason, I read the title as “Some March Faves”…I must be going cray. Either way, I love a good empties post. πŸ˜›
    Anyways – I love your daily rants. They are funny and relatable. Ever since 50 Shades hit it big, erotic novels are not shy anymore to appear on websites. There really is a market for that !#@/%…milk the cow that sells right? Same goes for YouTubers who are releasing books left, right and centre. It’s a big disservice to great writers who haven’t hit it big yet. I roll my eyes whenever a Youtuber book becomes a bestseller.
    I haven’t specifically tried that Palmer’s Oil lotion however I felt exactly the same way about the original lotion – the scent is just too heavy and sweet for me.

    • Stella

      Haha! Thanks, I’ve got a lot to ramble about πŸ˜‚ That’s what it! I knew that there seemed to be an abundance of erotic novels more recently. Sheesh, what a waste if good paper.

      I don’t get the YouTuber books, again, who is buying them?! What could they possibly be writing about? I agree, it bums me out that people so undeserving of fame get the accolades. Really lame.

    • Stella

      Me neither! I hope that they never stop making it, I won’t purchase anything else. Right? It’s just become something that anyone can do, what happened to the classics πŸ™‚

      • starringpamela

        I know. I can’t imagine life without it now haha. Also I’m quite over the forced series. There are a few series lately that would have fit nicely into one book and it’s expanded into two or more. It’s so annoying to have multiple mediocre books than one fabulous one!

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