Spring Candles

Watching this documentary on cave art and was thinking how it would have been pretty cool to have been prehistoric man. But then, also got to thinking that it was probably pretty stressful too – most every animal on the planet that you’d be coexisting with was enormous and dangerous. Mastodons, giant beavers, saber tooth tigers, titanoboa and probably a lot of species that weren’t quite done yet which would have been terrifying. Imagine just strolling along and running into one of these:


That’s clearly like 4 different animals all of which could kill you. I ventured into Bath & Body Works today which was a mistake since it was wall-to-wall people and I always get over-stimulated in there as it is. Why do they have to put out so much product? Why not just one or two of each product so that a shopper can focus better. I’m probably the only one with this issue but if a shop feels too cluttered with merchandise or people, I just leave. I don’t have time for it. I like to wander all around the store and then get to the shopping part, I always feel like I am just in everyone’s way. Not to mention, I can’t smell 20 candles in rapid succession, everything starts smelling the same. So, I didn’t get any new candles and I am in need of new candles as I have used all of the Christmas ones up that I had left over. I am going in with a list next time and probably on a weekday although, does anyone work anymore? I feel like there are still a ton of people in stores on weekdays. But anyway, here is my list:

Cinnamon Spice Vanilla


Eucalyptus Rain – I am obsessed with how pretty this jar is.


Golden Jasmine


Rosewater and Ivy – I like rosewater but I think I’ve had an ivy candle before that the BF claimed smelled like mildew…


Incense – My mom was huge into incense but I never got into it, I think an incense candle would be an interesting, different  addition – or it could be awful.


Vanilla Bean – Old habits die hard, I am a vanilla junkie and will take it anyway that I can get it.


Relax Lavender and Cedarwood – This has summer rainstorm bath written all over it. That’s literally the only time that I will take a bath, when it’s raining and I recall that my parents told me this was dangerous so I didn’t get to do it often as a kid. I think that they must have been referring to this phenomenon 😀


Capricorn – I just think these are stinking adorable, I hope they don’t smell like mildew.


I think I am going to hit the mall on my lunch break, that seems like a safe time to go. Also, I’m a candle junkie and I am probably walking out with way more than I need but my apartment is going to smell amazing or mildew-y depending on who you ask,

Thanks for stopping by <3


  • Selena Hannah

    LOL. I am slowly going through all of my mini candles as well and soon will only have one full size candle left. I find B&BW candles are either too scented or not enough scented. I also find half of them burn unevenly and it makes me mad. I love Yankee Candle and I have been stalking Marshalls for some more. They are perfectly scented and burn nice and even.

    • Stella

      I don’t know if I have tried a Yankee Candle Co candle but I think there is a store at the Mall of America…? I will have to keep an eye out – the Bath and Body Works candles can be hit or miss. The essential oil 3 wicks burn down in just a few hours – I think they changed something about them!

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