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ULTA Spring Haul!

Nothing like a new vacuum to make me feel like I really have my life together. Seriously though, I have been on the hunt for a new vacuum for ages and haven’t come upon one that had everything I wanted and at the right price. My old Hoover spit out more stuff than it sucked in but I just kept putting it off until Friday morning. On Friday, I found my perfect vacuum on clearance – when does that happen? It has a special attachment for pet hair, detachable canister, hard floor suction setting, even a ceiling tool which I have already used on all of the ceilings and blinds. It’s amazing, the perfect vacuum – I can’t wait until it’s time to vacuum again which won’t be for awhile since I probably did the apartment 2.5 times over πŸ˜›

I was going to post my before and after closet clear out but why do that when I can post a haul?! I will save my closet post and some tips on deciding what to keep when I feel like less of a hypocrite. It’s all about balance – only keep 5 shirts so that I can keep my 500 makeup brushes because that makes sense.


Speaking of makeup brushes, I snagged the Brush Crush blush brush and a regular blush brush. I won’t use them both for blush because that wouldn’t make sense, the Brush Crush one will be for applying setting powder to small areas like under eyes and around my nose. All of the Real Techniques products are on sale for 40% making these a complete steal.


Tony Moly sheet masks are also on sale for $2.60 each, they had so many new ones available. I picked mostly hydrating and brightening ones plus a few faves.


This Shiseido Essential Day Cream is just a re-up, I purchased this when it first released a little over a month ago and I like it. I don’t love it but I cannot find an SPF that I really like, I also don’t know if SPF 20 is enough with all of the chemical exfoliating I do. Sunscreen lotions with higher SPF content just break up on me, melt off my skin and always break me out. This one doesn’t break me out, the consistency feels as close to a regular cream an SPF can be. I am not convinced that there is 1.7 ounces of product in this jar because I blow through this stuff but it isn’t terribly expensive.



Two more re-ups, another Shape Tape and Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara in their mermaid limited edition tube. I didn’t used to like this mascara but it’s my daily go-to and I have been nursing the holographic limited edition tube a little too long now. My friend convinced me that the Frose Chrome Pot has a much smoother consistency than the others and I purchased it on her recommendation – we’ll see.


MAC released a couple of new setting sprays that have iridescent shimmer in them, this is either going to be fantastic or terrible. I think it will be dependent on how even the product is dispensed and if the shimmer particles are evenly suspended in the liquid. It has the same scent as the Prep & Prime and comes in a golden shimmer or pink shimmer – I picked Pinklite.


Finally, a product that I am kinda’ bummed that I had to purchase. Apparently, my ULTA no longer carries EVA NYC and I am totally out of my fave hair primer. To add salt to the wound, the gal at ULTA said that the entire line was clearanced and I totally missed out! Anyway, she recommended this prepping spray from drybar. Prep Rally is a detangler, heat protector and priming hair spray all in one. She said that she used it and a cursory inspection of her hair passed muster. My only beef is that this brand is so expensive, it never goes on sale and this bottle is teenie!


That’s it – a few needs, a couple of indulgences πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by <3


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