Venus XL – First Impressions

My kitchen decor order is arriving this evening and I will not be home to receive it which means that the BF will be there when it arrives and obviously wonder why I need more kitchen stuff. Boys, honestly. Can we still say that or is it sexist now? I think the PC thing to say would be, Individuals who don’t cook or otherwise spend any time in the kitchen will never understand the need to have a lovely kitchen. But really, if I am not cooking then I’m cleaning it, if we have people over then they sit at the kitchen counter, one walks through the kitchen when coming into the apartment – it can’t be ugly! More on this later.

When I first saw the Venus XL palette, I mistakenly thought that this was the Venus III palette that has been teased recently but it isn’t. Apparently, there will be another 8-pan palette release at a future date. The XL palette is a collection of 18, mostly pink and purple shadows with a mix of matte, matte sparkle, glow and metallic finishes. I haven’t heard of matte sparkle or glow finishes before but they are just as the site describes them. The matte sparkle shades are just a regular matte with a bit of sparkle and glow is like a shimmer/satin hybrid. I don’t know, they are interesting to say the least. The package is stunning – I love the colorway combos that are used to add a modern twist on Venus. You get a full-sized mirror and it has a magnetic closure, I have traveled with the smaller palettes before and haven’t had any issues.



When I first opened the palette, I was a little surprised at all of the pinks and purples which is my own malfunction and it really is a beautiful palette. You have your hot pinks, cool pinks, blue purples, red purples, a couple of browns and a cream. For being a somewhat monochromatic palette, it includes a vast spectrum. I already know that the matte and satin formulas from this brand are awesome and the metallic finishes aren’t quite as bright as other brands but I still like them. In my opinion, there isn’t a lot of overlap between this palette and Venus I and I am actually a bit disappointed that a matte taupe shade wasn’t included. I am not posting swatches because this palette swatched terribly for me but here is a comparison from their website:



Flora and Rebirth are pretty close, as well as Burnt Gold and Creation but even if you already own Venus I, there are plenty of unique shades in the larger palette. Back to those swatches, these shadows don’t swatch great (I don’t know what they are doing to get the above results) but do perform well on the eyes. I think that the Venus I and II formula is just a tad creamier across the board but these do have good pigmentation, are easy to blend and don’t fade or crease. I haven’t read anything that mentioned a formula change but there is a difference. I could take or leave the matte sparkle shadows, in all honesty they are just matte shades with glitter that doesn’t really show up when applied and does have quite a bit of fall out. I wish that Fresca was just a matte taupe similar to Divine because that is one of my most used shades and I haven’t found anything comparable so far. Lime Crime hands down has the best purple shadows out there, they aren’t the slightest bit patchy and are incredibly vibrant. I especially love that you are getting just what you see in the pan, all of that magenta goodness and rich eggplant is exactly what you get when applied.



It’s a stunning palette but I do think that you need to be at least a little into pink and purple to purchase it because that’s what you are getting. This palette retails at $56, is vegan/cruelty free and I snagged mine from ULTA. Do I need a Venus III? Yes, yes I do.

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