I have been registered on Twitter since 2011, this is news to me as I don’t even recall why I signed up for it and don’t really understand it. I somehow linked my blog and my Twitter at some point so posts would sporadically appear from me but actual, intentional Tweets are few and far between. Seemingly, it is a platform for all of those opinions that we used to just internalize and keep to ourselves to be unleashed on complete strangers. The most interesting thing that I have discovered about Twitter is that it has a ‘night-mode’ which I think is pretty cool and have started using this as my ‘day-mode’ but other than that, I just don’t get it. Also, some how I missed the release of ‘Snap Spectacles’ but the Twitter-verse got me up to date, one question, why weren’t they called Snaptacles!? Who is on their marketing team?! Anyway, I am making an effort to use these tools that are supposed to be helpful but I don’t see how useful they are. I stumbled on the #wednesdaywisdom feed (is that a proper use of feed), this is actually something that I can appreciate and since today is Wednesday and I have a thing for thematic Wednesday posts, I have rounded up some bits of wisdom (and cheesy inspirational quotes or random lyrics) from around the web.

I hope that you enjoyed, I think that this will be the plan for Wednesday posts moving forward! If you find Twitter useful, let me know how you are using it, I am genuinely curious about this platform.

Thanks for stopping by <3


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