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(bare)Pro or No?

bareminerals, the company that convinced women everywhere that liquid foundation was basically poison and shouldn’t be anywhere near our skin recently released a liquid foundation of their very own. When I started wearing their original mineral foundation, I was 17-18 years old and it was all that I needed in a foundation until my mid to late 20’s and I stopped liking how it set on my skin so I switched to liquid foundation. I would like to think that the brand knew that its original fans had drifted back to liquid foundation because it is more forgiving and thus released a good for your skin liquid foundation to accommodate us. It makes me feel like less of hypocrite to think that anyway 😀

Being such a huge fan of the original mineral foundation and this product being such a departure from their trademark product, I didn’t think that the BarePro line could compete. I have to admit though, it’s pretty great! This foundation claims to be a long wear, full coverage foundation with a natural matte finish. It also boasts a healthy skin promoting formula, 20 SPF and comes in 30 shades. I wear the shade Fair 01 and overall, I think this is an amazing product. The consistency is more on the serum side which made me think that the coverage would be pretty sheer but with just a couple of pumps I can get near flawless coverage. Any blemishes or ruddiness still peeking through can be remedied by adding another light layer to these areas without adding any cakiness. This foundation blends seamlessly and doesn’t look like foundation, it also wears really well in that it doesn’t patch up or noticeably crease. Formula wise, it is perfect so it totally bums me out that the shade doesn’t work with my skintone. The fairest shade is supposed to have pink undertones but it’s definitely on the yellow side for me and it looks like the entire line offers more yellow tones than not. In the bottle, it appears that it will be a perfect match for my skin but when swatched it is obvious that this is not my perfect shade.

I can make it work but I wouldn’t be able to just throw this product on and go which sucks since this foundation provides flawless coverage in a matter of minutes. In order to make this work for me, it requires some added concealer and powder over top to get a passable match. I still really love this foundation, it has been the only foundation that I have been using for a couple of weeks now and I am so pleased that it actually competes with their mineral foundation. This product retails at $34/ounce and I definitely recommend if you can find a good shade match!

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