Burt’s Bees Makeup – Blush for Spring

Not so recently, Burt’s Bees – known for their skincare and cult fave lip balm released a line of natural makeup. There are words to describe my makeup and natural is not one of them but I took a chance on a couple of their new blushers. I don’t need much convincing when it comes to purchasing new blush but it definitely helped that the shades were exactly the coral, peach-y, nude tones that I primarily wear. There are three shades, they come in these stinking adorable honeycomb plastic compacts and retail for $10 each. I chose Bare Peach and Toasted Cinnamon which are both warm-toned shades with a satin finish. These blushes are formulated with Vitamin E which I feel makes them more glowy rather than completely matte, definitely not shimmer finishes but they meld with the skin rather than set on top of it. The ingredients are also 100% natural and other components include honey and bamboo. Bare Peach has been my go-to daily blusher because it works with any eye-look and imparts that my skin but better finish. I have been using Toasted Cinnamon as more of bronzer and it also blends really well into the skin and does a seamless job of enhancing my natural skin tone. The wear time is comparable to my fave blushes, the pigment is subtle but easily buildable and the finish is really lovely. This formula is also perfect for sun-stripping so you can achieve a naturally sun-kissed glow.

The blushes are also paraben, fragrance and cruelty-free. If you are a natural gal or not, these would make fabulous additions to any makeup kit and they are affordable! I cannot honestly say that I would try any more from the line but have been keeping an eye on the reviews to see if there are any must have items. Let me know if you have tried anything!

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