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Hasta La Vista BB

The Terminator franchise is probably one of my absolute faves, I keep seeing these new robots that scientists are building and am like – Haven’t these people seen Terminator!? I just don’t think that so much time and research should be poured into robotics, the existence of Skynet being wildly unlikely aside, aren’t there more important things to be developing and researching? Just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should – see nuclear weapons if there’s any question of what I mean. There is technology that is better left alone and when these robots take over the world, I am going to be there with a big ol’ Told you so.

Not so very long ago, I received an email from beautyblender entitled Imitation is Flattering But… and it had a side by side of the RealTechniques Miracle Complexion sponge and a BeautyBlender. There was a short video frame comparing what I assume was the difference in product application between the two sponges and then under that it said, You just can’t get flawless with a fake. My problem with this is that it was snarky and the RT sponge can’t be categorized as a fake simply because it isn’t a BeautyBlender. It’s just another product available in the market. I mean, was every car post the first Mercedes-Benz a fake or just another car? I also thought it was tacky that they only chose to include the RT sponge when there are loads of other sponges on the market. Unfortunately, I am also a BB purist and have tried a number of sponges that never quite compared including the Miracle Sponge. Now, I couldn’t recall what it was about this sponge that I didn’t like, I think it was the density but I was willing to give it another go.

Out of the box, these sponges do feel super dense and I didn’t really think that I would use the flat side. When dampened, they become much softer and easier to work with. They perhaps are not as soft as the BB but not so far off that I cannot achieve identical application results. They do expand to be a tad bigger than the BB and I found that I got along well with the flat side, I think it’s perfect for blending my forehead and cheeks out. The smaller side is obviously great for undereyes, around the nose and other small areas. Oh, and they are less than half the cost of the BB and I am totally sold. I think that it’s a great product in its own right, I like the design and the density though a little firm does a flawless job at blending foundation and other creme products.

I definitely recommend and would like to thank BeautyBlender and their shitty ad-campaign for turning me on to an arguably better product 😛

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