Indie Beauty Brands to Try – Take Three

I think that this is ‘Take Three’ but we all know that I love good indie brand so who knows. I support indie brands because I prefer small batch products, they usually aren’t doing whatever everyone else is doing, they more often than not are cruelty free and there’s so much creativity that goes into these lines.

RMS BeautyThis brand offers a handful of complexion products that are formulated with food grade and organic ingredients. Most of their products are cream formulas but they have a setting powder that I have always been curious about. I think this brand can be found at Sephora these days but they still have a cool, indie vibe and I hope to give them a whirl.

IllamasquaQuite a few beauty gurus that I watch use this brand, the products appear to be nice quality and very lovely. I want to try their foundation and skin illuminators but everything looks totally gorgeous. Their blog is a good read as well, they speak out on a lot of social issues – it is refreshing to see a brand take a stance and share their mission so openly without it seeming like a trend or veiled sales pitch.

AlamarCosmetics – I watched a Kathleen Lights tutorial where she used this palette to create a stunning, ocean vibe eye look and I need it. She currently only has two products available but I hope to see more, the aesthetic is so vibrant and bold.

KL PolishSpeaking of Kathleen Lights, I have yet to try her line of polishes! I think that there are lots of shades that I would wear but I just haven’t given them a whirl. I think that her newest collection will be the one that I finally try, her polishes are cruelty free and made in the USA.

Saucebox Cosmetics – This brand is cruelty free, vegan and all of their packaging is derived from recycled materials. They don’t have a ton of products but you can tell how much thought goes into the overall design and curation of shades, it looks like a very fun brand.

Those are the brands that are currently on my radar but I know that there are so many more out there to discover. I love hearing about new indie brands so if you have any that you would recommend, let me know! Have you tried any of these?

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