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Monday Must Have – pixi Face Oils

I can’t lie – I have an on again, off again relationship with face oils. I go through phases of having to have them and phases when I can’t recall why I ever started using them. I started using them when my skin was hyper-oily, the idea is that dousing your over-oil producing skin in more oil that it helps to balance the production. It does actually work, it sounds insane but it’s science. Now that I have dry skin, I like face oils for the added moisture barrier and long-lasting hydration that they provide. I also think makeup applies better and wears better over a face oil but that could be a personal preference. There are loads of face oils on the market, a few of my faves are rosehip, argan, sweet almond and plain old Vitamin E. I am on again with face oils at the moment and have been testing out two from pixi for a couple of weeks now, their Rose Oil and Jasmine Oil blends.

These are both medium to heavier weight oils and I tend to use them only in the evening as they can take longer to absorb. The rose blend is formulated with sweet almond, jojoba and orange peel oil. This one is the lighter of the two oils, absorbs fairly quickly, it’s subtly scented and definitely does a wonderful job of hydrating and improving skin texture. Of the two, it is definitely my favourite. The jasmine blend I find to be a bit too heavily scented, I enjoy the scent of jasmine but was surprised at how potent this one is. It also feels heavier on than the rose blend but doesn’t hydrate nearly as well, I think it actually irritates my skin a bit. I find that it pools in my T-Zone and around my nose but other areas of my face feel like they need more hydration. The jasmine blend is packed with loads of great ingredients like grape seed, sunflower seed, coconut and jasmine oil but it just doesn’t do it for my sensitive skin.

You get 1 ounce of product for $24 and they come in cute glass bottles, pixi is an awesome brand with a fantastic mission and I love exploring their products. The Rose Oil Blend has definitely become a new must-have in my skincare routine!

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