NARS Attack – Fort De France

How much sparkly powder does one need on their face – clearly more since I keep purchasing it and putting it on my face. I love purchasing new highlighter and layering it on to see what it looks, usually it looks nuts because I am wearing several highlighters at once but I have no self-control and it’s not like I am leaving the house anyway. On my way out of ULTA a few weeks ago, I noticed these giants pans of NARS highlighting powders in a handful of new shades. I grabbed one thinking that it was a huge pan of my fave Albatross highlighter but this wasn’t the case and I have to say that I like these powders even more!

The original highlighting powders were a bit on the chunky side and you didn’t get a ton of product but the shades really worked for me so I kept using them. This new formula is much more finely milled and I feel gives a much more natural glow than your average highlight powders that are so obviously glittery. The new package is still the classy, matte black with a good weight that you would expect from this brand but with an absolutely amazing mirror upgrade. Like I said, I thought that I was grabbing Albatross which is one of the shades that you can still get in this newer release but I snagged Fort De France which is described as ‘champagne’ and apparently I just didn’t realize how yellow Albatross is. Since this powder is so smooth and totally not chunky, I take a few generous swirls on a big, fluffy powder brush then a little setting powder and just buff all over my face as the last step of my base. Again, sounds insane, looks amazing. This powder doesn’t crease or crumble and instead just makes my skin look glowy and fresh. I am so excited that they reformulated these powders, I think that they are a lot easier to use and more practical for everyday wear than their former highlighter formula. I would like to try some of the deeper shades as glowy blushers because this formula is so nice.

I don’t tend to enjoy re-releases and feel that it’s a bit lazy but these powders are so well done and definitely an exception to the rule. If you thought that the NARS highlighters were lacking in their former state, definitely check these out!

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