Physician’s Formula – First Impressions

I am a serial offender when it comes to deciding to try a product that I have never tried before and know nothing about on a whim, usually when I am already running late for work because I just like to torture myself. This happens a lot since I don’t have a ton of other time to try new makeup and I just seize the opportunity when it arises. I love these beauty gurus who use a product, do a little Facetuning and then are like – I’m gonna’ go wash my face now. If I put something on my face, it’s done, I’m committed, I have places to be. Sometimes this is fine, most of the time it’s a disaster but today’s experience was amazing even with having never used the brand before (apparently I was just living on the edge)!

Today I was testing out the Rose All Day Oil-Free Serum from Physician’s Formula and no, I have never tried a single thing from them that I can recall. I just don’t like the packaging, I know it’s drugstore makeup but the packaging always seems so clunky and chunky to me – I dunno, it just doesn’t draw me in. This is just a glass bottle with a dropper but it was more on the tame side in comparison to some of their other products and I decided to give it a whirl. I am also a face oil/serum junkie and love mixing these types of products with my foundation or just wearing them under my foundation to help reduce the appearance of dry patches and fine lines. So I get my skincare on and I already have an oil on and I am dinking around waiting for it to absorb and I just felt crusty:

It has been hot lately so my skin feels dry but I literally drink my body weight in water and I love people who are like, you should drink more water:

Not to get further off-topic but Trixie Mattel out of drag looks almost identical to my ex-boyfriend and I didn’t realize this until I was watching a makeup tutorial, I don’t know what this means but it seems significant. Back to this serum, it says that you can use this alone, under or over makeup. I don’t see anything exciting about the ingredients but this serum is formulated with rose water and vitamin C, I feel that it walks the line between skincare and makeup and I appreciate that. This serum claims to sooth, hydrate and calm skin while also tightening and brightening. I was surprised that this serum didn’t really look like what I was expecting, it is a milky opalescent liquid that is a little on the thicker side but not as thick as an oil. I put it over my skincare and primer because like I said, I had no idea how to use it and this worked really well. It didn’t pill anything up, it didn’t make my foundation patchy and it provided the extra hydration that I needed in order to blend and meld my foundation into my skin. I used 6-8 drops which is probably more than you need but this wasn’t a problem and it absorbed really well even over my primer. I cannot say that it brightened or tightened anything, the glow that it imparts is probably more due to the opalescent shift of the product and not actually amazing ingredients. That being said, my skin definitely did feel more hydrated and my foundation set really well over top of this. I wore it for 10 hours or so and I really liked the way my foundation looked at the end of the day, not too oily or cakey. It doesn’t have enough shimmer to highlight any texture, it’s lightweight and very easy to use.

Is it a miracle skincare product that I feel compelled to use everyday? Probably not but it is a very nice serum to use before foundation if you have dry skin and want to add a little glow your complexion. It played really well with everything else that I had on my face and I think it’s worth it for the 12.99 price tag. I did also pick up a glowy primer because the brand was on BOGO, I will report back when I try it. I don’t know if I would try more of the brand though, I don’t really know what else is good so let me know if you have any holy grail products to recommend!

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    • quitesimplystella

      Right?! Very different from what I was used to from the brand. It is nice, definitely worth a check out if you are looking for one!!

    • quitesimplystella

      Thanks! Yea, it seems that they have products that people either love or hate – it is so hard to know what to try. Thanks for reading!!

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