The Scent of Summer

I just read that Minnesota picked the black licorice jelly bean as the best flavour and I am adding that to the list of reasons to move along with potholes, tater tot hotdish, the Twins and the housing market. Black licorice?! I mean, it makes total since, it seems like it could be enjoyable but is ultimately disappointing and leaves a bad taste in your mouth – much like Minnesota.

Anyway, while I was completely mislead by the gals on Sex & the City about how life would be in my early 30’s, I completely trust SJP when it comes to fragrance. Well, when it comes to her STASH line at any rate. The original STASH is my ultimate fall into winter fragrance, it is peppery, warm, musky and intense – definitely not for everyone but I enjoy its bold uniqueness. I did not know anything about the new Unspoken fragrance but it was love at first spritz. The notes are pink peppercorn, honeysuckle, peony, musk, sandalwood and tonka bean. It goes on very warm with a sweet, almost hint of coconut and vanilla which is so perfect for the warmer weather. The dry down is mostly sandalwood on me with very little of the floral notes sticking around throughout the day but I think it is really lovely. It’s a fresh, young fragrance that seemingly matures with wear and I think it is my new signature scent for summer.  Unfortunately, it seems like everyone else is obsessed too because they only had the rollerball in stock but I am patiently waiting for the bigger bottle to be available. I definitely recommend, it is a gorgeous fragrance that can be worn everyday without being generic.

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