I was driving by a school today, the kids (not my kids, other people’s kids) are out for the summer and I realized that an empty school building looks eerily like a prison. I never noticed this when there were kids running around or parents shuttling to and from, it was somewhat startling. I guess it makes some sense as they are all public institutions so maybe it is the no-frills, beige exteriors and boring architecture that fostered this association. Remove the freedom, the laughter, the bustle and voila – children’s prison. In the US, you do get sentenced to 18 years of public education that at times, does feel like prison so it’s a somewhat accurate statement. Anyway, I am onto my second night of tretinoin, I did finally manage to put a pea-sized amount on and my face didn’t melt off – so far so good 😛 That’s all I really ask of my beauty products, to not melt my face off and I don’t feel that it’s too much to ask. Here’s a little wisdom for ya’!

So, The 45 and Kim Jong-un met – am I the only who was super relieved that they didn’t announce a world-wide Hunger Games style competition? I mean, it’s 2018, anything could happen. I thought they were going to go all Raiders of the Lost Ark, take a blood oath, sacrifice some virgins, oil up some snakes, none of which happened in the actual movie but you get the idea.


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