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First Impression Friday – CosRX One Step Moisture Up Pads

It’s more skincare! Are we shocked? I so far have not tried a single product from CosRx that I haven’t liked which is pretty major seeing as how my skin can react really poorly to new products for literally no reason. Nothing that I have tried from this brand has given me any issues! I have been using the One Step Original Clear Pads and these have been awesome at keeping my skin clear especially from blackheads which can be very stubborn to get rid of. I really love these and am keeping them in my routine but wanted to try the Moisture Up Pads because these have the added benefit of hyaluronic acid which works really well for my dryer skin. Having dry skin with acne is a huge pain, even though my breakouts are not nearly what they used to be, I still cannot slather whatever I want on my face because my skin is so hyper-prone to acne. Layers of light moisture works best for me so of course I am looking for moisturizing toners, essences and skin preps.

In the tub, you get 70 pads ($17) that are pre-soaked with propolis extract, hyaluronic acid and a natural BHA among other things to keep your skin hydrated and clear. Propolis extract has quickly become a holy grail ingredient for me, it is a natural anti-septic that reduces inflammation and helps with clearing breakouts. Yes, the science is still out on this but I like it and feel that it works. I have started using a serum and a creme that are both formulated with it and I swear by it, seriously so good. These pads are super moist, with one rough side and one smooth side. They smell very similar to the Clear Pads which are on the medicinal side but not unpleasant and the fragrance doesn’t irritate my skin. I love these pads as much as the Clear Pads, I have been using them in the evening just a couple of days now but my skin is soaking them up. They don’t leave a sticky residue, they are very non-irritating and they provide an effective first layer of moisture before I get into the rest of my skincare routine. The pad itself does not provide a ton of exfoliation on its own but with added BHA, my skin is left feeling hydrated but toned. I think they are great for sensitive, acne-prone and dry skin – when do you ever hear that!? I don’t even know if I have a favorite pad because they are both awesome, definitely recommend checking them out if you have similar skin concerns.

CosRX is cruelty-free, not sold in mainland China, uses naturally derived ingredients and does their part to reduce waste by not using excessive packaging. Yet another K-Beauty brand that I feel good about supporting. Side note, I love how  my camera will pick up a single cat hair so well but can’t pick up the different shades of eyeshadow that I am wearing.

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