First Impression Friday – Glossier

It’s June 15th, people, Incredibles II came out today and you better believe that I will be pushing little kids down in the theater tonight. Also, I don’t want to hear any crying or whining from any kids who can’t respect the sanctity of this film, I will be shushing so fair warning. Seriously though, is anyone else super jazzed that this finally came out?! Too bad I am so responsible, should’ve cut work – I hope my employer appreciates this sacrifice.

I woke up early so that I could take some photos of my makeup but it was thunder-storming and I gave up on a good shot but I have some thoughts on my recent purchases. Lets start with the Lidstars, I chose the pinky/neutral shades (Fawn, Cub, Slip & Moon) simply because these are shades that I know I will wear and I know how to work with them. These swatch really nice, medium pigment, super shimmery and appear to have a lot of dimension. Applying them to the eyes though, I found them a bit tricky to work with. I assumed that I would be able to just dab and blend them with my fingers but I feel like this technique warmed the product up too much and the shades were patching up and muddying together. I applied all 4 shades trying to build dimension but you couldn’t even tell that I had used different shades. I found that if you want to intensify the pigment or have any kind of a transition, you will need to use a brush. They don’t take very long to dry down but are fairly emollient and easy to blend (don’t get carried away though, you’ll just blend the product right off) and the finish is very pretty. I like how they wore too, no creasing or fading and very comfortable. These are definitely for no-makeup makeup days, my eyes look very understated and just, well, pretty and I don’t often do pretty but I don’t hate it. The packaging is legit stupid, I already broke one of the caps because I had to Hulk out to get the thing open so that’s annoying. I won’t use the doe-foot applicator, I just wiped the product onto a brush and went from there. I definitely have to play with these some more!

The Wowder is most definitely too dark for me, the consistency is very nice and it looks great as far as smoothing and reducing texture but the shade just won’t work for me. Also, it has one of those mesh screens over the opening which I am not a fan of – I actually make more of a mess trying to get powder out of these types of packages. If they release a lighter shade, I will be all over that.

To the Lash Slick! This product has a lot of claims; lengthening, conditioning, shine enhancing and it’s formulated with Japanese Fiber Technology which coats your lashes in teeny fibers to mimic the effect of lash extensions. I love the tube, super simple and chic with a nice weight. The brush, eh, it’s a bit stabby but the super-tapered end makes it easy to coat even the babiest (I cannot believe that is a word) lashes without getting mascara everywhere. Overall, I like it and feel that it does add a lot of definition to my natural lashes without that spidery look. It didn’t irritate my eyes while I was wearing it but I did have some flaking and typically, I can just brush mascara flakes off with a powder applicator but this mascara seemed to adhere to my skin. Finally, this mascara is a bitch to remove, I would definitely recommend using an oil-based or waterproof makeup removing product or else you’ll never remove it all and even then, you might not remove it all. I like it and will keep using it but it’s not a holy grail. Side note, I had a moment of insanity and tried to use the Cloud Paint again, it is still terrible and I looked psychotic.

I will keep playing with these products (aside from the powder because it looks crazy) and come back with some swatches when I have used them more! Overall, I like most everything but the best purchase was the new tube of Boy Brow that I already knew I loved 😀 Also, the brown shade works just fine for my brows since they are on the auburn side anyway. I hope you have a lovely weekend!!

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