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Glossier – the brand that I am not nearly cool enough to use but keeps sucking me in with their flawless marketing and minimal chic aesthetic. Just take my money. I have been waiting to use up the rest of my tube of Boy Brow before I placed an order for their new mascara, it’s been a tense few weeks as I was sure that it would sell out but I was in luck. There were also a couple of new products that I have been waiting to try and some of them I anti-hauled but purchased anyway because I’m a jackass. Judge me later, let’s get to the goodies!!

Boy Brow – This is my favourite brow product, it is super easy to use and adds just enough definition to my brows. I am not a fan of super done brows and this strikes a perfect balance of natural but polished. Apparently, I ordered the wrong shade, I usually use blonde so we’ll see how this goes – you’d think I’d know what shade of my perfect brow product I use…Anyway, I used to feel that this product was overpriced and the tube is teeny-weeny but it lasts forever and you don’t need a ton to get fluffy brows.

Wowder in Light/Medium – So, this might have been a mistake, some of the reviews did mention that the lightest shade was too dark for fair skin tones but the only areas that I want this for are around my mouth and under my eyes. Every powder that I have is simply too drying for these areas but since I wear my makeup for 10+ hours, I have to set it. This claims to be smoothing and blurring without being cakey – we shall see. It is definitely expensive, you only get .25 ounces for $22, I hope it’s good and I love the package!

Lash Slick – This mascara claims to mimic the look of lash extension (uh-huh) without clumping your lashes up. I love some phat lashes, so we’ll see if this is too ‘tint-like’ for my preference. This is supposed to be approved for sensitive eyes which is one of the reasons I went for it, most mascara irritates my eyes and I am just getting to a point that I don’t want to deal with that everyday just to have huge lashes. What has happened to me? I don’t even know myself anymore. This product is formulated with vegan biotin but is not vegan since it also contains beeswax. I am excited, if I have time, I will post my first impressions tomorrow!

Lidstar – This is the product that I anti-hauled and one of the reasons why is the test-tube packaging and I stand by that. This packaging is stupid (I’m mature) and I don’t get it, what a departure from the rest of their product packaging. I have been wearing tons of creme shadows lately, they are quick and easy and feel more summery. I had to chuck several pots of shadow due to them drying out and I think that these won’t have that issue so the stupid packaging might come through and I can appreciate that.

If you haven’t heard of Glossier, it is a US based indie brand and their products are cruelty free, paraben free and I am sure that they have a whole host of other trendy ‘free-of’ claims. If you can get past the whole hyper-millennial moded marketing then they are a great brand to support. Side note, I just read an article that China is producing brain-damaged monkeys for medical testing and I have pledged to not purchase anything manufactured in or exported from China – I probably have to throw out most everything in my apartment but I cannot support that. That’s like a whole other level of just appalling and the Chinese government is nuts, I feel sorry for its citizens. This post took a turn, I am tapping out now but will be sure to report back on how I feel about these items!

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  • rachelbimonte

    Your pictures are fab!! Thanks for doing this review on Glossier, I have been wanting to try something of theirs—I, too, love their marketing and packaging, but something has been stopping me from purchasing, and I don’t know why!! It’s almost *too* simple for me I feel.

    • quitesimplystella

      Thanks! It took me a long time to order anything from then and I was very disappointed in the first few products I tried (SkinTInt and Stretch Concealer) but I’m glad I didn’t give up on them because they do make a few products that I really like. I guess it just depends on what you are looking for 🙂

  • priya

    ughhh this makes me want to get over myself and just buy some glossier products, especially the mascara and those creme shadows! I’m tossing up between glossier and milk as my first purchase of over-hyper social media saturated makeup brands so we shall see but this post and how honest you are is definitely swaying me a bit…keen for a first impressions of the mascara too please! xx

    • quitesimplystella

      I can’t follow either brand on social media, the lifestyle they promote doesn’t really appeal to me and they are so over-hyped. Some Glossier products make no sense to me but some are awesome, I will be sure to post a follow-up!! I wore it today, I hope it is as good as the hype 🙂

      • priya

        Yeah 100% understand that, so much hype and even more sponsorships from them and partnerships with content creators, so they’re everywhere!

  • Always Cleia

    I haven’t purchased anything from Glossier but the brand aesthetic is certainly appealing. I cyber stalk the website all the time!
    On a side note… OH MY GOD the brain damaged monkeys!!!! Do you remember where the article was from? I’d like to read it! I also would like to boycot products from China now O_O

      • Always Cleia

        Wow that’s so horrifying, thank you for the article Stella!
        I hate that so many people have such a disregard for the lives of creatures that aren’t our own species 🙁 I guess we’ll see what happens with Trump…

        • quitesimplystella

          Yea, it totally bummed me out 🙁 I hate that the justification is that monkeys are closely related to humans and therefore ‘better’ specimens when they are beings with thoughts and feelings too. I can’t imagine, very heartbreaking.

          • Always Cleia

            That’s so dumb, because we would never engineer human babies brains like that so why is it okay to do so to our closest animal ancestor!? And that the article didn’t name one of the companies because they were worried about animal rights activists finding out, thats a red flag that they shouldn’t be doing it! I’m outraged.

          • quitesimplystella

            Right?! Super cowardly, if you are going to do something like that and believe in the research then be transparent. Completely ridiculous. Agreed!!

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