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Kitchen Tour

So, you guys want to see my kitchen? Cool, because I literally have nothing else to talk about tonight and I just cleaned the shit out of it. Can I really  call it a tour if it’s only 50 square feet of space? I love my kitchen, it’s not to everyone’s taste – very flea market chic, heavy on the kitsch but I like it. I don’t like how modern it is, my dream is to a) own a well-maintained home that was built in 50’s or b) build a customized replica. The colours and shapes from that era appeal to me for some reason, I have been feeling the teal and red contrast for awhile now but have been adding in yellow recently too. Anyway, here is my kitchen in all of it’s spotlessly clean glory. Seriously, you could eat coleslaw off this linoleum. What does that mean? Nobody knows. Also, aside from cutting down on unused kitchen gadgets and other items, the kitchen is the only room that hasn’t been truly minimized.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the BF for somehow inserting his can of poison into this photo and shitting it up.

The Keurig goes with nothing, that’s why it is stuffed over in the corner.

That’s the kitchen, a carefully curated collection of stuff that mostly doesn’t match 😛

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