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Monday Must Have – Australian Gold

Shout out to Kim for posting about this amazing sunscreen in her Affordable Alternatives to Drunk Elephant Skincare post and convincing me to give it a whirl! I am not one to be on the look out for dupes, mostly because I am just bad at it and the few that I have found have been completely by accident. I appreciate all of you who put in the time finding dupes and then sharing them because it’s super helpful! Sunscreen and I do not get along, never have and it’s really frustrating since I have to wear sunscreen because I burn so easily. Most sunscreens will either break me out or give me contact dermatitis, so much so that I can see the lumps forming under my makeup over the course of the day. Chemical sunscreen, physical sunscreen – it doesn’t matter. I can wear foundation with SPF with fewer issues but nobody is getting enough sun protection from their foundation simply because you just don’t wear the amount needed to achieve the protection. And brands don’t put this on the package, they just put the SPF but you would need to use an entire teaspoon of foundation – show me the person who uses that much foundation. Anyway, I have been using the Botanical SPF 50 Tinted Face Mineral Lotion from Australian Gold for almost two weeks now and haven’t had any issues!

This sunscreen claims to be non-greasy and non-sticky, not only do I find these to be accurate claims, I think it is actually quite mattifying for sunscreen. I have been using this as my makeup primer as it does such a great job at reducing oil and it doesn’t pill or crack with extended wear. It is so lightweight, that even with two layers, I forget that I am even wearing sunscreen. The tint is just enough to provide a little evening but not so much that it alters the shade of my foundation or looks orange, it’s like a subtle skin filter all on its own. I apply this all the way down my neck and on my chest, it doesn’t look bizarre. I think it has a bit of a floral smell but it claims to be fragrance-free, I can’t tell, it doesn’t smell like sunscreen which means it doesn’t irritate my eyes so no complaints there. I am so sold, it’s actually a very enjoyable product! I found mine at ULTA but they also have a website and Amazon stocks the brand as well. I cannot rave about this enough but it’s just so exciting to find a sunscreen that I can use on my face without trashing my skin.

I definitely recommend and thanks to, Kim for sharing!

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