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Monday Must Have – Lash Tonic

Ah, Monday – the fascist dictator of the week, so terrible that it even ruins part of Sunday. Today’s must have product is DHC’s Eyelash Tonic that I have been using for some time now, I picked it up when I started wearing false lashes more frequently and it has become a part of my evening routine. This tonic claims to strengthen and condition lashes so that they not only appear fuller but are overall healthier. It is formulated with a number of botanicals, aloe, ginseng root extract and olive leaf extract. I tend to be drawn to olive products because they are really good for the skin/hair and I know that I see results when using these products. I apply this tonic once in the evening after all of my skincare is on and I run it through my eyebrows to keep them healthy and full. I use the spoolie to concentrate the tonic right at the base of my lashes and then run the rest through. This product is unscented, non-irritating and is super easy to use, it takes literally seconds to apply and the results are thicker, fuller, healthier lashes and brows.

I purchase directly from their website, the tonic costs $12 and this lasts me roughly 3 months and then I toss it. My one recommendation is that you have all of your eye makeup removed or you will get makeup in the tonic and then it will make it stink – yuck. I think it is a great product, if you feel that your lashes are looking thin or brittle or you just want to condition them, then I definitely recommend!

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