Summer Intentions

Does that title make any sense? I dunno, I don’t love the term ‘Bucket List,’ I get the meaning of it but I don’t like thinking of life’s tasks as a to-do list before death. The morbid reality of life aside, I have some things that I want to check off my list this summer – nothing monumental because #work #costoflivingisgettingseriouslyoutofhand but I have a feeling that it’s going to be a good summer!

Lemon Tuesday Regular

Preferably near the Boundary Waters but local would be fun too – I really enjoy camping, it’s nice to get out in nature and away from traffic and people. Even a 3 day weekend up North would be a nice retreat, I enjoy Northern MN – it is the rest of the state that can go straight Hell. Black licorice jelly beans, really?!

Lemon Tuesday Regular

I got rid of my roller-blades last summer (yea, I used to roller-blade and I don’t want to talk about it) and I miss cruising around on wheels that aren’t motorized. I haven’t been on a bike in years, there are so many amazing trails in the area that I live – the trail system actually connects a few of the south metro suburbs and I want to see how far they go.

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I actually have tomorrow off and think I am going to tackle the middle room/office and finish getting rid of stuff that we don’t need. We are nearing purchasing a house and the last remaining items of ‘junk’ are currently hiding out in there.

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Re-read that is, I read this book every summer, it’s a bit of a tradition.

Lemon Tuesday Regular

I am a citrus dessert junkie but have never tried my hand at something like this, this is the summer.

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Maybe while making the pie – does anyone know what a gimlet is?! I don’t but they sound classy and very Roaring Twenties and I want to try one in my lifetime.

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I ordered a shit load of succulent seeds from Vietnam (apparently) and haven’t potted them yet. Part of me is worried that they won’t sprout or that I will do something wrong. For as popular as succulents are, there are only about half a dozen YouTube videos and a handful of articles on how to sprout them. I will get them planted though, I want to see what kinds they are since the package was just labeled as a ‘variety.’

Lemon Tuesday Regular

After I heard that rice cookers can cook all sorts of things like beans, quinoa, sorghum, lentils, veggies – I purchased one and it’s still in the box. I have a sorghum porridge recipe that is first on my list. Have we talked about my porridge panache? I am a big fan of porridge, for all meals.

That’s all I got for now but summer will be gone in a blink of an eye anyway, probably shouldn’t get too ahead of myself. Sometimes, during moments of insanity, I think that I should go back to teaching so that I can have summers off again. Then, it occurs to me that I would have to get a second job during the summer to survive and it taints the fantasy a bit. What’s on your summer agenda?

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  • hoiyinli

    Honestly, it never occurred to me that summer is fast approaching because the weather has been so bi-polar and shocking where I live! The week started off pretty nice, a comfortable 20+ celsius but today was actually cool and felt like autumn again! Strange.

    • quitesimplystella

      Same here!! I think that the weird weather will make the summer even shorter. We are having a cool stretch here but we already had record breaking heat already so I’ll take it 😐

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