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Top Ten Tuesday – Summer Flicks

That are completely lacking in substance or meaning because sometimes one just needs to take a break and lounge in a little vapid naivety. A look back at the fresh-faced teen queens and heartthrobs of my youth in some of their most forgettable roles, enjoy πŸ™‚

Can’t Hardly WaitStarring Jennifer Love Hewitt circa the Neutrogena days and a whole host of other actors that we didn’t care about. It’s basically a movie about a group of high school kids at a graduation party. Hewitt gets dumped by her meathead boyfriend which creates an opening for the creepy nerd to declare his love for her. All of the high school social hierarchies are cast aside, there’s a Revenge of the Nerds’esque scene and a good time is had by all.

Never Been KissedThis is legit one of my fave movies and Drew Barrymore was perfect in this role. She portrays 25-year-old Josie Geller who goes back to high school on an assignment for her paper to get the inside scoop on modern teens. She ends up getting in with the cool kids, snagging the dreamboat and having an affair with a teacher which is much less creepy than it sounds. Even if you had a shitty time in high school, just remember, You aren’t Josie Grosie anymore!

She’s All ThatApparently M. Night Shymalan wrote this modern adaptation of Pygmalion? Weird. Anyway, another teen fantasy movie where a wildly unrealistic set of circumstances converge and the nerdy girl ends up with the dream boat. I mean, it’s a fun movie and Rachael Leigh Cook perfectly portrays the ultra-nerd but it’s a little light on plot which makes it perfect for this list so who am I to judge. Also, just because you say that a movie is an adaptation of a work with actual substance doesn’t make it so, see next film.

10 Things I Hate About YouSisters Kat and Bianca couldn’t be more different, Bianca desperately wants to experience all of the delights of high school while Kat disdains well, most everything. When Bianca breaks the news to their overbearing father that she would like to start dating, he agrees but only if Kat dates as well. He assumes this is a foolproof way to ensure that neither daughter has a social life whatsoever or gets pregnant. Enter bad boy Patrick Verona who steals Kat’s girlish heart after getting paid to take her out, of course. It’s a fun movie and the cast is especially enjoyable with lots of breakthrough performances!

Easy AOlive Penderghast is your average, clean cut high school student until under the duress of peer pressure tells her BFF that she had an encounter of the sexual nature that didn’t actually occur. Crazy Christian antagonist, Marianne overhears the tall tale and the story spreads like wildfire. Olive, rather than shying away from her new identity decides to embrace it a la Hester Prynne and her reputation is done. It gets a little dicey at the end with a teacher/student affair but it works out, mostly.

SuperbadFor a movie with just about zero plot, I could watch this 100 times over and think it is hysterical. It’s basically 2 nerds trying to score alcohol for a party to impress some girls – a tale as old as time. There are some real life laments that Seth and Evan have to deal with but overall, it’s a lot of fun and touches on many themes that any high school graduate can relate to. Also, if anyone thinks that the cops in the movie were completely ridiculous, I think those guys worked in the town where I grew up πŸ˜›

I Know What You Did Last Summer This movie scared the pants off me, I remember many a day flat out running up our road getting off the bus because I didn’t want to get hooked πŸ˜€ Four anatomically perfect individuals in the prime of their youth accidentally hit a pedestrian on their way home from a night of partying. They do the only thing that makes sense; dump the body and never tell anyone. Driver’s Ed 101 – if you hit a pedestrian, call the police or else you are going to get stalked by a hook-wielding creep for the rest of your life and rightly so because you ran over him. Also though, he took it a bit far – just call their parents, geez.

CluelessCan you imagine what it would have been like to grow up as a teen in Beverly Hills? I can only assume that Cher was an accurate representation of what is was like to be a filthy rich teen and we all wanted to be her. The clothes, the trends, the slang – who cares about the plot?! We’ll just forget that Paul Rudd was almost 30 in the movie and focus on the fact that he was a total fox and we loved that they ended up together!

DickBecause of course two ditzy teen girls were really Deepthroat, that is a much better story! This movie is so underrated, Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams are just two gals trying to win a date with a rock god when they stumble upon G. Gordon Liddy breaking into the Watergate Building. It’s a lot of fun, the American flag as clothing trend never looked better. I don’t know if other 90’s kids recall the major 70’s fashion revival that took place back then but this movie was fashion goals.

Romy & Michele’s High School ReunionThis movie is pretty much a tragedy but also completely adorable and enduring. Romy and Michele head to their 10 year high school reunion, unambitious, unsuccessful and try to coast their way through the evening on lies. They realize that they aren’t so bad off and high school doesn’t define who you are. I love the mid-reunion wardrobe change where they come back in rocking some fabulous, pastel body-con dresses and rhinestone chokers, so perfect.

There you have it, a collection of fun, classic blasts from the past to enjoy on your next rainy day πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by <3


  • hoiyinli

    AS IF! (hi-five if you got that reference.) Clueless is probably one of my most viewed films and one of my favourite films ever. I can watch it again and again. Paul Rudd was almost 30 in the movie though??? I had no idea! Wow. I love the film especially because of Cher’s narration. She’s quite melodramatic but in a good way and she IS a good person and knows her strengths.

    I haven’t watched Easy A in a while but I remember how impressed I was the first time I watched it.

    • quitesimplystella

      Haha! Such a classic line, never gets old. Yea – he was pretty old in that movie but he looked young πŸ˜€ I liked it too, she was hysterical but really grew up towards the end. Such a good movie with so many trends – like the fuzzy pens, I remember treasuring my fuzzy pens.

      Easy A is a lot of fun, the ending does get a little weird but it’s mostly a good time and Emma Stone is good in anything.

    • quitesimplystella

      Right?! I remember these being on television constantly during the summer, the good ol’ days πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!!

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