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Top Ten Tuesday – Unnecessary Things I Spend Money On

Since I have been trying to reduce the material things in my life, I have a heightened awareness of all of the crap that I don’t need but still buy. It is certainly hard to break the habit of consumerism especially when I live in close proximity to most anything – I need to move to the boonies, clearly.

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For the cost of two large coffees at most coffee chains, I can purchase an entire bag of coffee and home brew it. Getting take out coffee has become such a time killer for me since moving to the metro. If I am early or meeting up with someone, I just get coffee to waste time. Sometimes, the coffee isn’t even that good – Starbucks, 1/3 milk, 2/3 foam, it’s outrageous.

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The number of throw pillows that I (still) own could be hazardous and I feel like I got rid of so many recently! I don’t even let people use my throw pillows, I move the pillows to the floor so they don’t get squashed. It’s a serious problem. That’s my interpretation of the ‘throw’ part – throw it on the floor.

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I wear socks 2’ish times a week, I could purchase one package and it would last me years. I got rid of 100’s of socks and I haven’t purchased any recently but I walked into Target the other day and found myself looking at socks, it makes no sense.

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I don’t use nail polish because I get my nails done but I keep purchasing it.

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I can only use 1 pen at a time, I will never use the number of pens that I own in my lifetime. In fact, they will probably just dry out.

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Again, I only use two or so brushes each day to do my makeup and the others just sit there and collect dust. I have been waiting to toss out the worn ones so that I can use some of the others.

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My cats are over toys, they do play with them but they can’t play with all of the dozens of toys that I have purchased for them and they probably think I’m insane.

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This is my number one impulse purchase, if I am standing at the check out line and my lips are feeling even a little dry, I toss a chapstick in the bag. I know that if it isn’t Burt’s Bees, that I am not going to use it but I still buy it.

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It could be a Minneapolis thing but I have had so few meals that I have really felt were worth the money. I would rather cook a great meal at home, that I know I am going to enjoy for the fraction of the cost. We do pretty good at not eating out but we could do better.

Lemon Tuesday Regular

I could stop chewing a pack of gum a day but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

All of these items seem like very easy things to just stop purchasing but I have some work to do. What do you waste your hard earned money on?

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  • hoiyinli

    At my new job, I am pretty much based in the city centre so you can imagine how many beauty stuffs I must come across every week. I have already bought new things and I haven’t had a pay check yet! Oh yeah, it’s going to be a serious problem. Great for the blog though. (So I say…)

    Coffee is a big one for me too. Got some free time/On a break? Coffee. Tired? Coffee. Waiting for someone? Coffee. Want to kill some time? Coffee. I think I need my daily coffee but I certainly want to cut down on the coffee-shop ones.

    There was a time when I was a sucker for buying stationary. Coloured pens, felts, paperclips, you name it… I’ve since calmed down though and realise I have more than enough at which most are kinda abandoned. Oh well, it makes my space look pretty lol.

    • quitesimplystella

      Uh-oh, that’s the thing with working/living in a metro area, there is just too much access to crap that you don’t need! I mean, you can online shop if you don’t live close to stores but I think that the instant gratification is more tempting. Good luck 😛

      Exactly, if I have spare time – I always get coffee. Not to mention, I swear like every new business in the areas that I work/live is a coffee shop!

      Stationary is hard to resist, at least you can enjoy looking at it 🙂

  • Sandra Lewrey

    It’s just nuts when you really start to drill down into your daily finances (you know, the dry cleaning and the coffee and the gum and the…) and finally see how much is going out the door in ways that you can’t account for after the fact. You’re doing so well, though. As a fellow trying-to-cut-back-er, I know how not easy it really is – keep it up! My husband and I have actually found that if we can implement, say, three no-buy days a week, it really, really cuts down on that “Where the hell did my money go?” discretionary spending. I mean, we don’t buy a thing – nothing big and nothing small either, because first you buy the gum, and then you go and get your coffee, and then you pick up this thing and then that, and next thing you know you’ve spent $30. Spending begets spending – sometimes it’s better to just not.

    • quitesimplystella

      It is nuts!! I hate it, a weekend with a couple of treats and *poof* no idea what I spent my money on! I really like that idea, cutting back on spending days feels manageable, I will have to try that out! Exactly, one little thing here and there adds up so fast but you do have to live 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement and good luck to you two as well, consumerism is one hell of a monkey to have on your back!!

  • Always Cleia

    I definitely spend a lot of money on coffee and eating out, but I try not to feel guilty about those things. You’ve gotta live!
    Though most mornings I do brew my own coffee.

    • quitesimplystella

      It just gets away from you! I couple coffees here and take out there, definitely adds up. It is fun to have a treat 🙂

      Good for you, I have a terrible habit of not brewing coffee in the summer and I go nuts at coffee shops. Oops. So much better to brew at home!!

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