I leave for my lunch break today because I didn’t pack my lunch and was jonesing for a diet Coke which my skin will pay for later. I drive by the local McDonald’s and there are at least 30 cars stacked up, I figured that the McRib was back (gag) so I went to a gas station. Turns out, the internet was down for a portion of the city and they couldn’t take electronic payment. A rather obnoxious fellow was heckling the clerk and says, Of course I don’t have cash. Who carries cash? It’s the 21st Century! This guy hasn’t scene Terminator apparently but Doomsday Prepper Stella shines in moments like these since I always have cash because you cannot depend on machines. I felt very smug whipping out my safety cash but only because he was so freaking obnoxious about his disdain for it and besides, I got a Coke and he didn’t 😛


That’s it for today’s wisdom, thanks for stopping by <3

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