• Top Ten Tuesday

    Top Ten Tuesday – 2018 Beauty Trends

    Often times while perusing online magazines, I am shocked at how un-trendy I am (not really that shocked) for not jumping on any of these amazing trends but also relieved that I didn’t even know that they existed 😀 Still, now that I know of their existence, I am compelled to share my thoughts on some of the most questionable. Was this really a thing? In theory, it probably could look very beautiful but on my skintone it would just make me look sick. Also though, think of all of the yellow eye-shadows that I have and don’t use that I could use up. I did know that this was…

  • Show Me Your Empties

    July Trash Talk

    The empty bin has just enough empties to do an entire post, I think. Let’s get right to it! Glossier Boy Brow – We already know how deep the love runs for this cult beauty staple and I have already repurchased. There was a time that I thought this tube was a bit dinky for the cost and I still think that but it does last quite a long time, I feel like I get my money’s worth. Glossier Body Hero Oil Wash – I have to admit that the Body Hero release was a bit underwhelming and I really, really do not enjoy the lotion. This body wash made…

  • Home

    Bedroom Decor Refresh

    The Boho Chic makeover is complete, or at least to the point that I am actually loving it without having gone overboard. I had plans for more wall art but it’s funny how small a room can feel once you get it filled with new things and I am holding off for now. Here’s a peek at my little sanctuary, enjoy <3 I went with a low-profile, metal frame that I found on Amazon and I am loving it. I didn’t want something that took up a lot of wall space but I wasn’t loving the mattress being directly on the floor, this definitely did the trick. The moon phase…

  • Makeup,  Skin Care

    A Super-Duper Boring Just the Essentials ULTA Haul

    Have you ever taken a trip to ULTA and blow by all of the new releases then leave with the just the items that you actually needed? No, me neither but I am pretty good at this when shopping online. I honestly save way more money shopping online as I have a hard time impulse purchasing products that I have never seen in real life. I certainly still do it but I am pretty proud of myself this time around, I only picked up products that I was replacing. L’Oreal was on BOGO so I picked up some of my trusty FitMe setting powder. I really like this, I don’t…

  • Random


    Let me build this bed frame real quick, she said. It won’t take that long, she naively assumed. Two and a half hours later and I am actually feeling pretty good about it but it took for-ever. Anyway, I know that it won’t be Wednesday for much longer but I recently picked up The Beautiful Truth by Mark Anthony (not Marc Anthony) after seeing various quotes all over social media. It’s a lovely piece of literature <3 If you don’t know Mark Anthony, enjoy:

  • Top Ten Tuesday

    Top Ten Tuesday – Relaxing Activities that Stress Me Out

    Hey guys, guess what? It’s almost Halloween 😀 Super random but I was paying bills last night and for some reason, got ahead on my electric bill (such an adult feeling) and thought that the next first of the month was September 1 when it’s really just August 1 and got all excited about Halloween! We have some time yet, I won’t get the decor out – but it’s coming! Recently, I have been trying to do more things for relaxation and I gotta’ say that I find some relaxing activities to be quite stressful and they make me feel like I am trying to force relaxation which is the…

  • Uncategorized

    No Phone Challenge – Did I Survive?

    I mean, obviously, yea 😛 Nothing terrible happened, calamity did not strike but I did learn a few things about myself. Like, way too freaking much and it’s so easy having the app because I can just find whatever pops into my head and order it. Having to sit down at a physical computer made me realize that this is wasteful and I should be bunching my orders together. I removed the app from my phone because it’s just too easy and then beyond the shopping part, the app allows you to obsessively track your order and it’s just not necessary. Not sorry about it, I didn’t really miss Instagram…

  • Life&Style

    Friday Favourites

    Another Friday, another evening of CSI Las Vegas – I am too deep in the series to tap out now. I really liked the Gil and Sara relationship even though we didn’t see a lot of it, I was devastated when they weren’t together anymore. Clearly, so was Sara seeing as how she ended up with a rando in hotel and the center of a murder investigation. Oops. I am not there yet, but I know that it’s coming. If your Friday is slated to be as exciting as mine, here’s a little reading material for you 😛 Going to Blockbuster was a huge deal when I was a kid…

  • Books

    Dare Me: A Review

    Have you ever read a book that left you wondering what the heck it was about and what the point of all that was? That is pretty much how I was left feeling after finishing Megan Abbott’s cheerleader noir (her words, not mine) Dare Me. I have to admit that I am generally a little put off by novels that are about teenagers because they seem wildly unrealistic and overly-salacious, this was no exception. The focus of the story is mainly the bizarre relationship between a cheerleading coach and her squad. Addy, apparently the team lieutenant and Beth, the captain find themselves in a weird friend/enemy triangle with the new…

  • Life&Style

    Wednesday Wisdom – Daria Edition

    After my post yesterday on all of the cool programming that MTV used to offer, I decided to watch a little Daria last night! I guess that most of these could not be described as ‘wisdom’ but more just commentary on life, enjoy a little teenage angst to get you through your mid-week! I hope that you are having a beautiful day, thanks for stopping by <3