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A Super-Duper Boring Just the Essentials ULTA Haul

Have you ever taken a trip to ULTA and blow by all of the new releases then leave with the just the items that you actually needed? No, me neither but I am pretty good at this when shopping online. I honestly save way more money shopping online as I have a hard time impulse purchasing products that I have never seen in real life. I certainly still do it but I am pretty proud of myself this time around, I only picked up products that I was replacing.

L’Oreal was on BOGO so I picked up some of my trusty FitMe setting powder. I really like this, I don’t think that I will ever have the need to purchase another setting powder, unless they discontinue it *gasp*

These next two products are first-time purchases but are replacing my summer foundation and pressed powder that I just finished. I decided to try the MAC Stuido Fix liquid and powder foundation. I am excited to try this combination, this is my perfect shade.

I hate that I love this prep spray from Drybar, it’s so overpriced but I am hooked.

Two more BOGO purchases, this egg white soap from Lano is usually a product that I only use in the winter but I made an exception since I miss it and I think Dove is breaking me out.

Summer sweat is making my skin feel super congested, I picked up a new bottle of this old staple. I haven’t used it in ages and I was surprised to see that they changed the tube from clear to opaque white – I don’t hate it.

Told ya it was super-duper boring πŸ˜› What have you purchased lately?

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