Decor Inspo – Bohemian Bedroom

Ladies and gentlemen, if I can recommend one thing that one should absolutely not do after a broken relationship, it is revisit your wedding board on Pinterest. I don’t know what in the name of Samhain possessed me but there I was, bawling like a baby over my imaginary, beautiful wedding (really, it was going to be stunning). Honestly. The reason that I was on Pinterest is because I thought I was going to give my room a Bohemian, minimalist makeover with lots of pillows, low-profile bed, plush blankets, lots of beige – something got lost in translation. I don’t know if I just don’t like how low the bed is to the ground but it looks like I just can’t afford a bed-frame at the moment. So, I am going back to the board for some more inspiration.

It looks easy in theory but I am not loving how my room turned out, maybe I am just not a true Bohemian at heart *le sigh* but I am also not sure that I totally know what that means either πŸ˜› I am thinking that I am definitely going to have to ditch the platform and get a higher bed-frame but I am enjoying some of the other elements. Let me know what you think of the whole vibe, is it tacky? Does it just look lazy?

Thanks for stopping by <3


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