Friday Favourites

Another Friday, another hot weekend ahead. I have no idea what I am doing this weekend, probably anything that can be done inside. First on the agenda is to get through my new BOTM book whose author is mired in a bit of drama at the moment. Riley Sager wrote a decent first thriller with Final Girls and I am just about to start The Last Time I Lied that has the same cabin in the woods thriller vibe. Apparently, Riley is a pen name for Todd Ritter but I guess I never think of an author’s gender when it comes to fiction books.

Call it bizarre, call it idiotic, call it wildly unrealistic – Stepbrothers is hands down one of my fave comedies to watch on literally any occasion. I enjoy reading any behind the scenes-esque pieces and this making of about this modern classic did not disappoint.

I don’t think that ‘self-made’ means what Forbes thinks it means, I see the angle but it’s a stretch.

I think that it is fascinating how much thought goes into the fashion choices of major public figures but I also think that articles such as these are a tad sexist. Why can’t someone just wear a dress without it being compared to what other women are wearing? Was she dressing to emulate or was she just dressing on trend?

Because it’s about being rich and not looking it, am I right?

A delightful collection of smart snark.

This is an oldie but fascinating nonetheless.

I hope that this gave you a little Friday reading fodder, thanks for stopping by <3


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