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Another Friday, another evening of CSI Las Vegas – I am too deep in the series to tap out now. I really liked the Gil and Sara relationship even though we didn’t see a lot of it, I was devastated when they weren’t together anymore. Clearly, so was Sara seeing as how she ended up with a rando in hotel and the center of a murder investigation. Oops. I am not there yet, but I know that it’s coming. If your Friday is slated to be as exciting as mine, here’s a little reading material for you 😛

Going to Blockbuster was a huge deal when I was a kid and I totally relate to the overall tone and sentiment of this article. I watch a lot of media online via apps so I don’t even own many physical movies anymore and it’s just a different feeling now that everything is available in a matter of seconds.

I love how creative people can be, so much talent out there. I am a big fan of indie movie cover/poster remakes and these travel posters are simply perfect.

I mean, maybe when the workforce is finally replaced with robots we can start seeing eye to eye? Is this article actually satire, I can’t tell.

This one resonates with me as someone who grew up in area that ran out of water due to over-development, it’s incredible to me that this is still happening.

I can’t lie, I don’t get the idea of a revenge body and I personally would not watch this show but others might. I can totally see why people are pissed about it though, like 13 Reasons Why, I think it can be a dangerous premise.

Finally! I think they are lying about that curse though, it’s working its way into the population like The Strain, silly mortals.

Who the shit is eating the salad at McDonald’s anyway? Legit though, this whole story made my stomach turn. Gag.

It’s amazing how many of these events that I can recall vividly but also pretty incredible how many of them I had forgotten about.

Have a beautiful weekend, thanks for stopping by <3


  • hoiyinli

    Is it only quite recent that you tapped into CSI? I have not watched a single episode but I need to find a series to burn through lol.

    • quitesimplystella

      I’ve watched it sporadically over the years, this is the first time I’ve watched it from the very beginning! Cheesey at parts, but enjoying so far 😊

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