Friday Favourites

It’s Friday, thank goodness – if there is anything that I love about the 9-5, it is definitely weekends off. I also had more fun working retail so I guess that there are trade offs but I am ready for the weekend. Friday Favourites are going to be posts where I round up some articles, recipes and other tidbits from around the web that I found particularly enjoyable or thought-provoking, let’s get started!

This article on the origin of high-heels didn’t surprise me because I grew up with a mom who wore cowboy boots as fancy dress and when you think about it, they were originally created for cowboys! I love the history aspect of clothing and garments, the evolution of fashion, even seemingly small things like high heels can have an impact on culture and society.

I’m offended, who doesn’t like The Simpsons?! Is Homer a complete selfish jackass – of course, that’s why we love to hate him. Also, it’s a cartoon sitcom, the plots will be a tad unrealistic and whoever chose those 11 episodes is a jackass.

This one blew my mind! With how much information that is available via the internet these days, how does a person get away with such a large-scale scam?

If you haven’t been watching the Theranos implosion, I highly recommend starting at the beginning to really soak it in but here is where we are at now. The whole situation is nuts and I hope that Elizabeth Holmes pays for the damage that her company has done.

Survival of the fittest at it’s very best. Also, rhino horns do not cure cancer, please read a book.

You definitely want your cover letter to stand out but not to the point that it gets posted on the world wide web for billions of people to laugh at and ridicule. Getting a job 101 – the company’s mission is your passion.

My 10th grade Speech teacher is rolling in her grave, actually, she will probably live to be 100 and is still taking 2 points off your presentation for every um. I totally agree though since I almost never notice if someone uses like or other filler words a lot.

Everybody’s an influencer these days πŸ˜› Honestly though, none of these over-exposed travel gurus interest me at all because they just seem uninspiring. They are trying to sell a vacation that they themselves got comped for…? I don’t get it…

I hope this was enjoyable and provided you with some good reading material πŸ™‚ I will read anything, if you’ve read something good lately then let me know!

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  • hoiyinli

    Wow, I need to watch/read about that scam. I love reading up on stuff like that.

    It’s funny reading this as it’s a Saturday morning and I’m rota-ed a 9-5 shift today πŸ˜› but I have next Tuesday off to make up for it so it’s not so bad.

    Agree 100% about the luxury hotels! I watched a bit of a whiny video maybe a year ago about this girl who apparently wasn’t treated well by the hotel because she basically didn’t get what she wanted. I mean, she has quite a bit of followers so maybe not enough to earn the big bucks but gee, c’mon, hotels need to earn money too! Can you imagine how much hotels would lose out on if they kept paying for youtubers and influencers?!

    • quitesimplystella

      Yes! It’s amazing what people think they can get away with. Haha! I didn’t used to mind working the weekend, I’d do it again for the right job but it sure feels good right now. Plus, you really can get tons of stuff done during the week – I miss that. Right?! I’m also skeptical of rave reviews for anything comped, I wish that these companies would figure that out. And they make up the cost somewhere, probably from us poor saps spending our money πŸ˜‚

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