Show Me Your Empties

July Trash Talk

The empty bin has just enough empties to do an entire post, I think. Let’s get right to it!

Glossier Boy Brow – We already know how deep the love runs for this cult beauty staple and I have already repurchased. There was a time that I thought this tube was a bit dinky for the cost and I still think that but it does last quite a long time, I feel like I get my money’s worth.

Glossier Body Hero Oil Wash – I have to admit that the Body Hero release was a bit underwhelming and I really, really do not enjoy the lotion. This body wash made my faves list a few months ago and I did purchase more but it’s not worth it. It makes my skin feel really soft, I love the scent but I have to use so much to get it to actually foam that I use it way too quickly. I just can’t justify the cost and plastic waste for this product and hope that the company would consider a reformulation but not holding my breath since we all know that Glossier only releases the very best, most perfect formulas that are completely absent of flaws (not) ever.

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser – I really enjoyed this cleanser, I know it packs a lot of anti-aging claims but I found it to be a simple, gentle cleanser for when my skin was feeling dry or irritated. I don’t know how much I believe in anti-aging products that are just washed down the drain but it’s a nice cleanser and not terribly expensive. It has a lovely, luxurious lather and a fresh lemon-y scent that didn’t smell like toilet cleaner. I won’t repurchase any time soon but will keep it in mind for when I actually need new cleanser.

Dr. Oracle A-Thera Emulsion – Eh, this was supposed to be a great moisturizing product for acne-prone skin but I can’t tell you if it did anything or not…? It feels nice, definitely on the thin side for an emulsion and is packed with great ingredients but I just didn’t see any change to my skin. It was really an added step that I kept doing to use it up, I won’t be repurchasing.

Drybar Prep Rally Detangler – I definitely love this stuff and while it does last awhile with my short hair, I cannot imagine having long hair and having to repurchase this on the regular. I also question if it actually detangles because I like the chunky texture that it gives my hair but it’s pretty sticky. The scent is really unique, I don’t smell it throughout the day but I enjoy it when I am fixing my hair in the AM.

BareMinerals Original Mineral Foundation – I already purchased another jar when it was on sale but am taking a break from this powder as the MAC Studio Fix is a way better match for my complexion and I have been using that as my everyday powder.

The Body Shop Shea Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub – This was a sample size that I received back at Christmas, it was really lovely and crazy moisturizing. I am contemplating purchasing a tub but we’ll see, exfoliating is such a chore.

CosRX One Step Original Clear Pad – So good, I will always have these on hand.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil – I usually only use this during the winter but decided that I didn’t want to have another bottle, even unopened, around that long. Now that I have used a variety of cleansing oils, I am surprised at how heavily fragranced this oil is and don’t know if I will repurchase or not.

CosRX Low Ph Good Morning Cleanser – I purchased this in a 3-pack and have more on hand, it’s great for a gentle cleanse in the AM.

tarte Clean Slate Poreless Primer – ULTA does not carry this anymore! I don’t know if it was discontinued but it was definitely a fave primer, it is silicone based but never bothered my skin or made it feel dry.

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glo – I liked this for a long time but won’t be repurchasing.

That’s for the products that I used up over the past couple of months! Let me know what products you were using up this month.

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  • K.M. Sutton

    Such good empties! I LOVE the Drybar products, and I love the way they smell! Especially when I sleep or as yous aid when you re getting ready in the AM. I use to use BareMinerals. I swore by them, but after using other mineral based foundations, I realize how much I do not like their foundation now. <3

    • quitesimplystella

      Agreed! BareMinerals was the only foundation that I wore for a long time, I only recently tried it again and realized that there are better formulas available! Thanks for reading 😘

  • starringpamela

    Love seeing your empties! The Infalliable was also one of my favorites but recently I’m not that into it either. I have the red version though, so not sure if there’s any correlation there!

    • quitesimplystella

      Thank you 🙂 I have used the red one as well and liked it but when it comes time to replace them, I just didn’t feel the need. I think they are pretty great for drugstore but I just have other formulas that I like better!

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