Living Room Decor Refresh ft. IKEA

Well, I survived my trip to IKEA this weekend and most everything that I wanted was in stock aside from two shelves that I had to order. I decided that I wanted the apartment to look totally different so I went with an Andy Warhol Hallucination motif which is working for me. Some of the stuff I already owned and was using in the bedroom but I am redoing that room as well and decided that some of the items would work with my motif. Here’s a little peek at what I purchased:

The couch is not new and in fact, this couch has go to go. The new additions are the striped and black pillow cases, I love that IKEA sells covers that just zip right over pillows that you might already own. Especially since throw pillows aren’t cheap and I don’t like getting rid of them, this way I am re-purposing four pillows that were just hanging out in the closet.

I am so into this rug, it has a really good weight to it and it’s super soft!

I actually already owned all of these pieces and kind of built the room around this ottoman because I am obsessed with the black and white contrast. The chairs used to be under the window, I swapped the location of the couch and it really opened the room up – I should have done this years ago. Just a few things but the space feels different and it feels better at least. That’s it for the living room, I will share my room as soon as I’m done with it!

Side note, I somehow got Hulu stuck on Spanish voice-over and even though this would be a great time to learn a second language, I need to figure out how to turn them off 😀 It’s kind of fun to make up what they are saying though so maybe I should just leave it…

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