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    Friday Favourites

    It’s Friday, I cannot wait to go home and go to sleep for like 10 hours. I was having a pedicure with a friend and was telling her how exhausted I was for seemingly no reason, I don’t have a lot of work stress, I don’t have any kids, I don’t really take care of anyone, I literally have no reason to be tired. She says; Well – Mercury is in retrograde and you’re so sensitive. We aren’t friends anymore. Not really but I don’t get the whole zodiac/horoscope/moon phase thing (or if any of those are related, if not, please excuse my ignorance) – I have nothing against it,…

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    August Trash Talk

    Before we get into the beauty trash – is anyone using the Gutenberg Editor and liking it?  I don’t get it, the blocks don’t make sense to me and I just feel like I have to do a lot of clicking to insert content and the spacing comes out wonky – I just don’t like it. I’m generally pretty accepting of updates and new apps but this one has been a struggle and I went back to the Classic Editor. Am I just getting old? Is this the first sign that I am no longer able to learn new technology?! Technology-schmechnology. We are literally inundated with more technology than we…

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    Best of August

    Everyone around me seems to be surprised at how quickly this year is passing and I am over here like; Is it Halloween yet? I just love this time of year, I know that spring time is traditionally considered the rebirth of life and new beginnings but for me, it’s fall. I think it’s a lot to do with the back to school season and feeling like you are embarking on something new. It’s always felt like a season of transition for me and I look forward to that feeling every year. Here’s a peek at what I was loving this last month of summer! aromatica Rosemary Refresh Toner –…

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    Sephora Insider Event: A Rant

    So, I’m at a point where I only shop at Sephora two times a year during the VIB events. I spend enough between the two sales so that I can keep my Rouge status because that 20% coupon is worth it to me. I think that it’s a great opportunity to stock up on products that never go on sale. I didn’t realize that this time around the coupon was restricted to one online purchase thus was the catalyst for this rant. First, it isn’t the customers’ fault that their distribution center can’t keep up with demand and restricting the coupon to one-time online use isn’t the solution. The shipping…

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    Pet Peeves: Part II

    I have been in the mood for fall decor, I am pretty much one of those people who skips the leaves and gourds and gets right to Halloween decor in mid-September but I thought that this year, I would do the fall thing. While I was perusing the fall decor I came upon these: The missing element keeping me from the fall decor of all my fantasies, faux artichokes. Who the shit is decorating their home with faux artichokes? I’ll tell you who, actually I literally have no idea. Apparently people who separate fall and Halloween into two separate events and I am not that person, I can’t with vegetables…

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    What I’m Reading

    Mother Nature has blessed us with an anomaly in the middle of this heat wave, it’s been rainy and 60 degrees which is perfect reading weather. I mean, I read in any kind of weather but some days I just feel obligated to come home, light some candles and read a book. I have a few books going at the moment, I tend to read different books at work than I do at home so I usually have a couple going simultaneously – does anyone else do this? A total random find, I picked up this adult horror novel by the one and only RL Stine a few weeks ago…

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    The Case of the Missing Screws – A Rant

    I realized something last night, I have a difficult time watching or listening to something for pure entertainment without imposing real-life judgement and opinions on it. Is this what the rest of my life will be like?! It’s torture! I was watching Gilmore Girls last night, yet again, and I got so annoyed because Rory is the most obnoxious, entitled, spoiled brat literally ever. The mother/daughter relationship is a toxic friendship at best and I just can’t watch it. What mother would behave like the pouting, simpering immature woman that Lorelai is? Ugh. I tell  you, does anyone else experience this? Why can’t we just mindlessly take in entertainment simply…

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    #wednesdaywisdom: The Metal Edition

    I was watching some Gilmore Girls last night and completely forgot that Sebastian Bach co-starred for a number of seasons. This inspired me to listen to a little metal while I was making dinner and I realized that under all the makeup up and spandex, there’s a lot of life lessons to be gleaned. So, for those about to rock, here’s a little midweek inspiration: Happy  headbanging, thanks for stopping by <3

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    Top Ten Tuesday – VIB Wishlist

    I was going to share my Michael’s Halloween Haul but first I was like; slow your roll – it’s too early and second, I purchased a few things from their vintage collection and I have to say – it’s all kinda’ terrifying. I have said this before, Halloween was infinitely scarier 50 years ago. The jack-o-lanterns look like human heads! Anyway, I was not prepared for all that and we’ll do a Sephora wishlist instead but not just any wishlist, the VIB Sale wishlist! In all honesty, I am not super pumped for this sale or new makeup in general so this will mostly be a list of skincare/haircare that I…

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    Fall Fragrance Haul

    I didn’t post on Friday because I had strep throat and by the time I woke up from my coma, it was already Saturday. I hate strep but Rod Stewart was in Minneapolis and had to cancel his concert because I heard on the radio that he had strep and I’m not saying there’s a connection but I felt pretty rock ‘n roll and there’s definitely a connection 😛 So, after my 72 hour quarantine I had to go to Bath & Body Works because I had a coupon and they have all of their fall scents out! I have wanted to try these forever but figured it would be…