Anti-Haul (Of Products I Actually Want…)

We all know how this usually goes, I pick a handful of new releases and roast them for being impractical, overpriced, boring…blah, blah, blah. This Anti-Haul is a tad different as it’s a bunch of products that I truly want but just can’t justify purchasing.

drybar x TooFaced Glitter Spritzer Sparkle Spray – You guys, it is freaking glitter hairspray – never has a product spoken to me quite like this. TooFaced is celebrating their 20th year anniversary with a bunch of sparkly products but this is the only one calling my name! The problem is, I don’t use hairspray, I probably wouldn’t use this up and would end up tossing it out in a few months. It just dropped on the Sephora app for early access, your get 3 ounces for $20 and it is taking everything in me to not add it to my cart.

ABH Norvina Eyeshadow PaletteEverything about this palette is perfection, I would use every shadow but after purchasing just about every ABH palette available, I have realized that I have a hard time working with their formula. I can make it work but I tend to only reach for the ABH palettes when I have a lot of time to get ready, it’s not worth owning another but I’d drop $42 simply for the shades Incense and Soul.

UD Born To Run PaletteSame thing here, I would definitely use this, the packaging is perfect but I have so many palettes that it’s silly to purchase another one. Also, I just purchased two KKW palettes and can we talk about how offensive it was to pay $8.95 for shipping!? But seriously, no more palettes this year because it’s just wasteful.

TooFaced Born This Way FoundationI know that this isn’t a new product but they just extended the shade range and Cloud sounds like it would be a good match for me. I used the fairest shade in this foundation for awhile but it is too yellow for me, I would love to give it another go. The thing is, I can’t purchase another foundation any time soon; I have enough foundation to coat my entire body, everyday, for a year. They also have a new concealer that I am keen to try and probably will once I finish my current tube.

Dose of Colors x iluvsarahii Highlighter I did pick up the eyeshadow palette and one gloss from this collection, I want this but I know that I won’t use it. I am over the highlighter trend, I don’t like the way that it makes my skin look, I think that it can easily look overdone and I own way too many. Do I own this particular shade in this particular formula? No, but I gotta’ skip it.

KL Polish Summer 2018 CollectionI want this, I want this even more that it’s on sale but I don’t paint my nails! What would I do with 6 bottles of gorgeous polish?! Nothing, I’d do nothing with them then they would congeal and I would throw them all out a few months from now. Seeing the pattern here?

I could possibly justify one or two bottles of polish for my toes but winter is coming and who’d care at that point?

For the grand finale, I am off all new skincare! I feel like I am just doing too much to my skin at the moment, it looks pretty good but I have a handful or products that really work for me and a drawer full that don’t! I don’t worry as much about makeup expiring but skincare definitely turns on you, again, it’s just wasteful to keep purchasing more. Plus, I am so over all of the bells and whistles that are packed into high-end skincare and most of my current routine is super affordable K-Beauty or drugstore pick ups. Anything that you really want but are feeling compelled to pass on? Be sure to let me know!

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  • Makeup by TJ Snyder

    I too love that UD Born to Run palette, but it will have to wait til its been around awhile before I buy that one. Beautiful shades in it, just can’t justify the cost with UD. Come on sales, and then we buy.

    • quitesimplystella

      That’s the thing with all of these new releases, I like to wait and really research before I purchase something new so I almost always miss out on limited edition products!! Agreed, it would be more realistic on sale 🙂

  • K.M. Sutton

    Oh. My. God. I am a huge fan of Drybar but the fact they teamed upon with TooFaced? I just fan-girled hardcore. I get what your saying though, I couldn’t justify it either..But it looks ah-may-zing! And probably smells absolutely divine too!
    I feel the same way about palettes too. I have my favorite that I use, so as much as I drool over them, i refrain from buying more.
    And girl yass! Preach it about the skincare! I have what works for me and I am not changing or switching unless it stops working for me. The only exception is face masks, I am always game to try new ones, but anything else, nope sticking with my oldies but goodies 🙂 <3

    • quitesimplystella

      Right?! I’m sure it’s probably amazing but mostly impractical 😂
      Yea, I’m finding myself reaching for the same palettes more and more so why buy more? It makes me sad to look at my unused palettes!
      Totally!! Use what works 😊

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