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Best of August

Everyone around me seems to be surprised at how quickly this year is passing and I am over here like; Is it Halloween yet? I just love this time of year, I know that spring time is traditionally considered the rebirth of life and new beginnings but for me, it’s fall. I think it’s a lot to do with the back to school season and feeling like you are embarking on something new. It’s always felt like a season of transition for me and I look forward to that feeling every year. Here’s a peek at what I was loving this last month of summer!

aromatica Rosemary Refresh TonerThis was one of the products that I picked up on my Riley Rose excursion – these are enormous beauty stores that are owned by H&M and have been popping up in the midwest. It is a really gorgeous store and they stock loads of K-Beauty products. This is a mildly acidic balancing toner that is great for dry/sensitive skin. I use this right after I take my makeup off in the evening, I take a pool of it and press it into my skin rather than using a cotton pad so that I get plenty of moisture. It smells citrusy and fresh, it’s a lovely product.

aromatica Organic Rose Hip OilRose hip is one of my favourite facial oils, it is moisturizing, brightening, intensely hydrating and is light enough to wear day or night. I find the texture of this one to be a bit different than others that I have tried, it’s very emollient and not greasy at all and it’s a great price point for an organic oil.

Vichy Double Peel Glow Mask I thought that this would be a dupe for a more expensive exfoliating mask that I have been using and it’s pretty similar. The only thing that I don’t like about this mask is that it smells like rubbing alcohol. It is very exfoliating and doesn’t irritate my skin, it’s a great affordable peel mask.

Mario Badescu Drying MaskThis mask is very potent and smells awful but it dries up stubborn breakouts like no other. I use it as a spot treatment mostly, through my t-zone and on my chin – it’s perfect for clearing congestion.

Flash-Up MISSHA SunscreenThis sunscreen has an almost highlight effect, it works great for a makeup primer and doesn’t feel greasy like sunscreen tends to. It’s more of a fluid than a lotion so you can really layer it on to get the full SPF protection. It hasn’t broken me out and it doesn’t make my eyes water, it’s an awesome sunscreen with the added benefit of an amazing glow.

Dr. Teal’s Body Lotion – There is just something about these lotions, they are very thin but keep my skin hydrated all day. I picked this one and the avocado flavour, I like them both but this one smells amazing.You get this giant bottle for around $4, they are a total steal.

Lenora Dino NecklaceI wore this necklace constantly when I was teaching, all of my clothes were totally quirky and now I just wear black all of the time ๐Ÿ˜› I don’t think that I had a single blouse that didn’t have animals on it, I still have my teaching wardrobe and will occasionally wear old pieces. This such a fun piece, it isn’t terribly heavy even though it’s dripping in baubles and up-cycled dinosaurs. It’s just so fun and colourful.

Leaves – I didn’t think that I would be into this one, I don’t usually like spicy clove scents but this is very nice and subtle. Just enough fall scent without being too cloying or spicy.

Another month of almost no new makeup that I have been using but I have been wearing the MAC x Patrick Starrr quads just about everyday. They are just so easy to slap on, they all go together so it’s hard to create a look that doesn’t look good and they blend/wear really well. I am so excited for his fall collab with MAC, the quads look stunning! What have you been enjoying this month, let me know!

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