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MishiBox – Spring 2018

I have been Halloween movie shopping (too soon?) for 31 Nights of Horror, I want to review some new classics for this year. FYE is the best place to go for gently used movies, in my opinion and they carry a ton of random merchandise. I noticed a display of K-Beauty boxes and well, obviously had to give one a go. I think that these particular boxes are made especially for sale at FYE and could differ from the actual monthly subscription box offerings but don’t quote me on that. I cancelled all of my subscription boxes because I had way too many samples piling up, I like it when retailers offer the opportunity to purchase a one-off box. I paid 29.99 with tax, here’s what I got!

Snicker Snack Regular

We all know how I feel about snail products (gag) and I won’t be opening this. I just have a lot of questions about products that use snail juice, how is it harvested? Do they agitate the snails, do the snails die? Does it stink? What do snails smell like? I haven’t heard of the Skin Watchers brand before this but they have a solid range of products it appears. This is the full-size version too, too bad I just can’t get over the snail thing.

Snicker Snack Regular

This another full-sized product, it is an overnight mask that is formulated milk protein extract which is supposed to brighten skin. It also has soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as chamomile and aloe vera. It smells really nice, I haven’t tried it yet since I don’t use overnight packs too often but will give it a go this weekend. Esfolio is another new brand to me, seems like they primarily offer various types of masks.

Snicker Snack Regular

This is a single use wash-off mask that claims to treat sebum production. I think it’s a gritty mask that physically exfoliates as well. Though this is a single size, I am counting it as another full-sized product since this is the quantity it is sold in on their site.

Snicker Snack Regular

These face wipes are pretty pleasant! I cannot remember the last time I used a face wipe that didn’t sting my face and did a decent job at removing my makeup. They aren’t too dry or too moist, they aren’t heavily perfumed and the cloth isn’t abrasive. (I don’t have a photo, I left them at work randomly).

Snicker Snack Regular

I personally really enjoy when a box includes a sheet mask because I think they are ridiculously over-priced and I just don’t want to purchase them. I keep seeing various K-Beauty products with ‘cereal’ in the description, I am going to have to do more research on this.

Overall, I was really pleased with the contents of the box and will be able to use everything aside from the snail cream which is totally personal preference. It appears that you can purchase one-time boxes from their site or they have various auto-renewal subscriptions as well. I would definitely pick up another box in the future!

Midellion Demo Regular


  • Hunida

    What is FYE?! Sounds like a magical place. That’s actually so weird! I’ve never heard of any products with snails! I hope they don’t kill/agitate the snails to get their juices or whatever they use from them.

    I’d love to try this box once or twice! Fun stuff!

    • quitesimplystella

      It’s a media store in the US, there aren’t that many around anymore but they are pretty awesome! They sell movies, CD’s, books, random merchandise – all kinds of stuff.

      I have been seeing snail products more and more recently, I don’t know where it all started but it is supposed to super moisturizing. It just weirds me out :/ Yea! I definitely think it’s worth a try, lots of interesting goodies 🙂

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