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Monday Might Have – Magic Cream

Happy Monday 😛 I don’t think I have ever said that or Happy Friday in my life, I’m unsure if I ever will again. My Monday Must Have is a product that I go back and forth on even though it tends to get pretty amazing reviews. Now, I know that Charlotte Tilbury is a bit over-hyped, even though I like a few of her products I just don’t believe that they are all iconic. Also, can everyone take a moment to stop abusing that word? It’s used so often that I don’t think it means what people think it means…Magic Cream makes a lot of claims, it is supposed to transform dry and tired skin to supple, soft, glowing and radiant in mere moments. I just don’t know if the ingredients actually back up the claims, if you read about the creation of this product, it definitely seems like a quick-fix product that will only be worn for a few hours but not something that will provide long-term benefits. That being said, I tend to go back to it when my skin is especially dry because it’s the only product that makes my skin look and hydrated instantly. So, why don’t I totally love it?

First, it does have SPF 15 which is something that every critical review lists as one of the shortcomings of the product. It’s not a lot of SPF and I layer on another SPF to be safe but it’s in there. I know it’s in there because as soon as I apply this cream, my eyes start streaming – this cream really, really irritates my eyes. It mostly dissipates once the cream is absorbed but it’s pretty potent. I don’t see any additional fragrance listed that could be a contributing issue and in fact, it just smells like SPF and maybe something vaguely floral to me.

The next issue that I have with this cream is that it’s formulated with shea butter which is why it feels so hydrating but I also know with continued use it will break my skin out. I know that I can use this cream for 3-4 consecutive days before I run into issues which, that’s usually enough time for my skin to feel really soft and hydrated but I would get more use of out of this cream if I didn’t have to rotate it with other moisturizers. I have found out the hard way that this cream will go rancid fairly quickly, I love that there is a mini size now so that I can blitz through it and not waste my money.

That brings my to my last issue with this product, the ingredients simply do not justify the cost. I know that there is some super secret priority magic in here but aside from that you have; rose hip oil, Vitamin E, camellia oil, hyaluronic acid and damask rose water. I mean, lots of nice ingredients that I like to see in skincare but as I mentioned, I just question the long-term benefits.

You are probably wondering why I keep using it and that’s simple, it instantly makes my skin look amazing! If I have dry patches or crepe-y areas, I use this cream under makeup and it helps everything lay smooth and not look patchy. I love that it actually hydrates my parched skin and imparts a beautiful glow that makes it appear super hydrated too. This cream wears really well under makeup, I reach for it when I want a really good makeup day. It is a heavier cream but it absorbs quickly and keeps my skin hydrated all day without turning into a grease slick. There’s a lot to love about this cream but I definitely have a love/hate relationship with it today and I am loving it today!

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