#wednesdaywisdom: The Please Shut Up Edition

To start, this is meant to be humorous and not insult anyone, this is a round-up of some quotes that in my opinion have been so overused that they’ve gone from being nice adages to tired cliches (much like the phrase, tired cliche :P) Let’s get started!

In all honesty, not bad advice but considering the source, makes absolutely no sense and is actually completely hypocritical. Single, independent women everywhere aren’t taking your shitty advice anymore, Bradshaw.

Two girls in my graduating class got in a tiff over which one would use this as their senior quote. It’s a cute saying but let’s pack it away for a few decades and enjoy it with new delight after we’re dead.

Not all rain showers result in rainbows, get used to it.

Everyone but Napoleon stop saying this.

I certainly don’t disagree with this one, I just feel that there is a time and place for telling someone this and if it’s too soon after a tragedy, it isn’t helpful.

Super cute, super overdone πŸ˜›

*sips kombucha* And clearly, I’ve been doing it wrong because I always come back broke. Yes, yes – I know it doesn’t mean money but it’s just so pretentious.

This is a lie straight from the pit of Hell.


That’s all I got, thanks for stopping by <3


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