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Mother Nature has blessed us with an anomaly in the middle of this heat wave, it’s been rainy and 60 degrees which is perfect reading weather. I mean, I read in any kind of weather but some days I just feel obligated to come home, light some candles and read a book. I have a few books going at the moment, I tend to read different books at work than I do at home so I usually have a couple going simultaneously – does anyone else do this?

Roddy Bold

A total random find, I picked up this adult horror novel by the one and only RL Stine a few weeks ago and I really like it so far. Something is terrorizing a small town college campus and a couple of co-eds have met an ill fate leaving the local yokels completely shocked. There’s an Irish professor who is terribly dashing, a creepy sister and a monster on the loose. I didn’t know that Stine wrote adult horror and am unsure if this is the only one but I am definitely keeping an eye out for more!


Roddy Bold

I started the Sookie Stackhouse novels and this book was simply charming and a lot of fun. It’s your average vampire story with a Southern twist and it was a great introduction to the series. Sookie is a physic waitress living in a small Louisiana town when Bill, the vampire walks into her place of employment. I mean, why was his name Bill? Hilariously mundane. What I liked about this book is that everyone knows that the vampires exist and just live along side them, it was just a unique story in comparison to other vampire stories.

Roddy Bold

The first installment of the Bones series was a little slow to start but has a lot of the same themes and character eccentricities that I loved about the television series. Temperance Brennan is just as fascinating in paper but there’s one major character missing – Agent Booth! Yes, there is another male lead who compliments Bones but I was a little bummed that this character was invented for the show. The book is actually quite a bit different than the show, Bones is just divorced and already has a daughter when for much of the TV series, she was single and didn’t have a child until very late in the series. Aside from these major differences, it’s a fun procedural with a great plot and just as enjoyable as the adaptation.

Roddy Bold

I picked up the first Royal Spyness novel for some super light reading and I was not disappointed. Lady Georgie is basically destitute but being loosely related to the royal family keeps her flitting from one charmed adventure to the next but somehow always ends up being mired in solving a mystery. This feels like the end of the series since one of the major plot lines was wrapped up but we’ll see, definitely recommend if you want a light, fun read!

That’s it for now, what are you reading?

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  • Hunida

    Whaaaat?! No agent Booth?! 😭 At least, Brenan is still fascinating on paper though. ♡ I’m reading a summer novel called The Unlikelies right now, I can only read one at a time!

    • quitesimplystella

      I know! His story line was so major in the television series. I think some of the other characters come into the series in later books, definitely interesting differences. Oohh, love a good summer read 😊

  • hoiyinli

    LOL a vampire called Bill you say? You have got to be kidding me… 😝

    Reading always feels better in the fall/winter or at least when it’s raining.

    • quitesimplystella

      Right?! Super lame 😂 Agreed! There’s no obligation to be outside enjoying the weather!

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