When I Grow Up…

I found myself at the grocery store this afternoon behind a very elderly gentleman who asked the teenage cashier what he wanted to be when he grew up. I thoroughly enjoy people watching, listening to conversations which might be considered rude but I’m not stopping. It’s one of those questions that you think about and someone might ask you, maybe but it was fascinating to see this cliche conversation play out in real life and suddenly it didn’t seem so cliche. Then I got deep in the weeds with a very elderly gal behind me about grapefruits, I always end up getting chatted up by the elderly, I’m not sure why. What I do for a living now isn’t necessarily at the top of the list of childhood dream jobs but I like what I do. It did get me thinking about all of the careers I thought I’d have as a child and the best part of these fantasies was that I kinda’ thought I would get to be all of them – a doctor for 2 years, an FBI agent for a few months, nanny for a day, etc. I’ve got a lot of work to do so that I can get some of these ticked off my list.

Architects Daughter Regular

I did actually do this, it’s the career that I went to school for but the thing is, I hated it. For some reason, I figured that I would be like a badass, real-life Ms. Frizzle but it didn’t turn out quite that way. In fact, it was a complete downer and the clothes were much frumpier.

Architects Daughter Regular

This one is still gonna happen, I plan to do this after I retire because no millennial will actually be able to afford a real retirement. So, I am missing out on the hot librarian years but I plan to make an exemplary fuddy-duddy with horn-rimmed glasses and a perm straight out of a Garrison Keillor book.

Architects Daughter Regular

When I was 11, I was obsessed with becoming an FBI agent circa Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs. I mean, my parents didn’t realize that’s where the obsession came from and the dream fizzled once I realized I couldn’t climb a rope and would die on an obstacle course but I’m kinda’ bummed I let that dream die.

Architects Daughter Regular

Well, mom was super pleased with this career choice but we all know how that ended – a trip to Africa that crushed my soul. Not missing this one but I’m still into the whole habit thing.

Architects Daughter Regular

I’d still do this given the opportunity, I think it would be exciting and fascinating.

Architects Daughter Regular

I can plan a mean event and have done so for many a friend but I think part of the fun of that is that I’m just doing it to be nice, having it for a career would probably be much more stressful.

That’s all that come to mind, apparently 11 year old Stella wasn’t very imaginative and had very realistic career goals 😛 What do you want to be when you grow up?

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  • alwayscleia

    That FBI Agent dream is big! I have a friend who quit teaching to be a librarian, she loves it! And she gets to wear all the cute librarian clothes. I NEVER imagined myself in my current career when I was a kid. I wanted to be an Architect for a while, then an actress (I failed miserably at being the villain in a school play and I gave up on that dream), then a musician. I’m still working on that last one xD

    • quitesimplystella

      Right?! I think the role of the FBI agent has been so glamorized and really, it’s probably a lot tamer 😀 Ah! Being a librarian seems like so much fun, I am jealous but looking forward to retirement so I can give it a whirl. Haha! Well, at least you realized it was time to quit. I wish you luck on becoming a musician, never too late to start something new <3

  • hoiyinli

    LOL love the FBI agent dream but seriously? You watched Silence of the Lambs when you were 11? That’s really cool although probably a deep film for an 11 year old haha. I actually didn’t come to watch it until many, many years later.

    My first dream job was a teacher but that was when I was like 6/7 and liked reading and writing. I later realised it’s really not what I wanted to do at all and nowadays I think teaching is a super hard job given the millennial situation.

    I considered flight attendant VERY briefly because I used to get flight sickness a lot and thought I’d rather die than be a flight attendant lol.

    • quitesimplystella

      Haha! I had much older siblings who let me watch most anything when they were babysitting me. I probably had no idea what it was about aside from Foster being pretty awesome 😂

      It is! I can’t believe what teachers have to put up with. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting

      Hahaha! I’m sure it’s a hard job and passengers can probably be a pain, traveling for a living just seems so glamorous.

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