A Little Modcloth Haul

I have listened to the Lore podcast for literally years, I love it – I would describe it as a collection of spooky real-life tales that are horror leaning but not terribly unsettling. I also really enjoy the narrator, he is very engaging and the tales are just long enough to get you hooked and then set out to find out more on your own. About a year ago, Amazon came out with a show called Lore and I was like, that looks stupid. But then today while loading up my podcast fix, I realized that the font used for Lore reminded me of something and it took me awhile to figure it out but the show is based on the podcast! Forget that they were named the same thing, duh. I have to check it out now, I’ll report back and if you don’t listen to this podcast but have any interest in horror, supernatural events, folktales or even just history – check it out!

I had a coupon for Modcloth and decided to order a couple of things even though I have a very love-hate relationship with their clothing. I feel that a lot of the items are quite pricey but the quality can be all over the place. I also have a tough time with the sizing, I have my measurements saved in my account and order accordingly, sometimes this works and sometimes not. I am mostly pleased with my purchases this time around, here’s what I got!

I picked up this A-line dress in a few different patterns, I am one of those people who finds a cut that works for them and I commit to it. The material is on the thin signed but it’s also lined and will be plenty warm for fall with tights, I would hesitate to wear these in the dead of winter. I think I’ll dress them up with a belt to cinch the waste in more but overall, I like the cut and quality.

These next dresses look like nothing on the hanger but are actually pretty cute on. They come in at the waste and flare out at the skirt, very floaty and feminine. I am totally sold on the burgundy one, it is made out of very heavy jersey and I could definitely wear this during the winter. The patterned ones though feel much thinner and are made of that slippery material that nightgowns are made out of it. Totally not what I was expecting and not worth the price point considering what fantastic quality the burgundy one is. It’s too bad because I really like the cut but the material is so thin that the patterned ones don’t flow the same way, they just flop around. They might be returns since I just don’t think I would wear them very often.

Not a bad order, I definitely love most of the items and can’t wait to wear them! I’m going to take in a few Lore episodes, have a beautiful weekend!



  • alwayscleia

    I love love love modcloth!! I really need to read the reviews to know if the sizes will fit me though. I love the patterns on those first three dresses, the bats are so cute!

    I’ve been eyeing the last two dresses you got for a while too, that’s disappointing to hear that they don’t seem like very good quality 🙁

    • quitesimplystella

      I do as well – they usually have cute stuff. I couldn’t resist the prints 😊 For sure, the sizing can be tricky but the reviews are helpful!

      I was surprised, it’s a totally different material and they don’t hang nearly as well as the burgundy.

      • alwayscleia

        I like that you can often see the measurements of the reviewer so it’s easier to compare to yourself, but no one has the exact same body type so that doesn’t always work.

        I think I will pass on the dresses now after reading your post!

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