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Beauty Insider Appreciation Event – What Did I End up With?

I know that not everyone finds haul posts very interesting, I have tried everything at least once so I will give a mini review as well but will definitely revisit these products at a later date with more info. Did I stick to my list? Yes and no, I did skip on some things and chose a few based on guru recommendations, here’s what I came home with!

Lemon Tuesday Regular

Most of my purchases were skincare, these kinds of sales are a great opportunity to snag some products that never go on sale. I chose two products from belif because I hadn’t tried the brand before and their products are rumored to be good for sensitive skin. I have been using the Problem Solution Toner as a day time toner and I like it so far. It is formulated with tea tree oil and white willow bark which are both natural treatments for acne. I like how it mattifies my skin and makes it feel toned without being dry. I have used the Problem Solution Cleansing Foam which has similar ingredients, it’s a little more heavily scented but nothing terrible. Again, it makes my skin feel toned and clean but not tight. I like the minimalist packaging and good ingredients, both are nice so far!

This mask seemed a little gimmicky but I love the Farmacy brand and while I don’t totally know what is in their Echinacea GreenEnvy blend it’s pretty much witch craft. I would love to use more of their products but I’m severely allergic to bee stings and can’t do a lot of honey. If honey or royal jelly is listed at the bottom of the ingredients list then I am good but when it’s right in the freaking name, I know to steer clear. Sadly. The Bright on Vitamin C Mask is pretty neat and I really do like it. It goes on lavender and then as you work it into your skin and the Vitamin C capsules break, it turns green. It is a clay based mask but not terribly drying, my skin definitely felt softer after using but the jury is out on the brightening – more to come!

This next product was recommended to me by a friend and I was like – shrooms? When did that become a skincare thing? This stuff is intense, if you want the softest skin of your life in a few swipes then you need the Moon Juice Beauty Shroom Exfoliating Acid Potion in your routine! I use a lot of peels and acids, this one works almost instantly. This is a clean beauty product, I don’t know a ton about the brand but definitely hope to explore more.

This next product is good, I don’t know if I am totally in love with it though. The Kiehl’s Intense Repair Lip Treatment just isn’t that intense! It feels very emollient and lovely but I was expecting something with more weight to it. Like butter, I wanted to feel like I was rubbing my lips in butter. It’s nice but – eh.

Lemon Tuesday Regular

People rave about this stuff and I completely bought into the hype but I don’t regret it! The Amino Acid Shampoo & Conditioner are both pretty fabulous for my hair type which is fine but very thick. These are formulated with coconut oil, are deeply moisturizing and claim to strengthen your hair as well. I really like both, they don’t weigh my hair down and do make it softer.

Lemon Tuesday Regular

I took a gamble on ordering two fragrances from the brand PHLUR which is another clean beauty brand and probably too cool for me. They have a handful of perfumes, I picked Moab and Hanami because they both included notes that I am into and had fantastic reviews. I have been wearing Moab as it smells woodsy and spicy and kinda’ perfect for fall. Someone said in the reviews that is smells just like Moab which every time I go smells like sweat (all those hippies and their pit crystals) but it smells nice. The only issue that I have is that about 8 hours in, I kinda’ smell like butter or something. You know when you are hand mixing something with butter in it and even though you wash your hands you still smell it a little – like that. I suspect that it’s mixing with my body lotion but I don’t love that so much. I love the white bottles, they are super heavy and just posh looking. 

Lemon Tuesday Regular

You guys, I have been eyeing this palette since ever and always passed on it but finally decided that I wanted to know what the hype was about and I gotta say – I don’t get it. I love the color story in the Natasha Denona Star Palette and these are all shades that I would use. The mattes are pretty amazing, the metallics are awesome but apply best wet, there’s tons of pigment but these shadows crease! Are you kidding me? I have pretty oily eyelids so I always use a primer and set it with powder before applying eye-shadow but even this didn’t help! I have used this palette all week long and the shadows have creased every time. I knew that this was the old formula but it still received decent reviews, I don’t know, I will keep trying it with different primers but was definitely surprised.

That’s it, like I said, I will report back when I have used everything a bit longer. Have you tried any of these? I’d love to know what you picked up during the sale or if you saved your cash!

Lemon Tuesday Regular


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