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Best of September, Halloween Decor & 31 Nights of Horror!

You guys, flu season just started, actually I don’t even know if it that’s true but I’ve already contracted strep and now I have the flu within the scope of a month. I’m so pissed, I tend to make it through flu season unscathed, this better not be a prelude for the rest of the year. I have missed two days of blogging due to feeling like death so am just throwing a bunch of stuff into this post that I had planned for the last couple of days of September. I only have a few items that I would consider Best Of’s for this month and very few empties that I will save for next month.

I love peeling my face, I don’t peel it as much now that I am on tretinoinI still use acids but on a less frequent rotation. I was told to lay off my fave peel product for a couple of months as my skin became accustomed to my new prescription but I am now back to using these peel wipes 1-2 times a week. My skin looks like skin, I have texture and I will always have texture but I tend to forget how baby smooth the Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Daily Peels make my skin look and feel. It’s a two-step peel process that is packed with a concoction AHA/BHA’s to promote radiance, anti-aging, even skin tone – all that good stuff. I wouldn’t recommend for someone who isn’t regularly exfoliating but there are different strengths and quantities so you don’t have to commit to a giant box. Also, these are vegan and cruelty free according to the box which is very cool!

Next is a new to me product that I think has been available for awhile, it’s the Fenty Amplifying Eye Primer and it’s the best primer I have ever used! I have tried a number of eyeshadow primers and tend to gravitate back to UD’s Primer Potion but this is better, in my opinion because it’s even lighter weight but works well for my oily eyelids. It doesn’t crease or require setting and really does keep my eyeshadow in place. I think it’s well worth the cost, it’s a fabulous product. I also love the whole Fenty aesthetic, I want to try some of her lip paints next now that she has some new shades out!

Finally, while I forgot to order the IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel during the sale (like an idiot), I did pick up the small tube a couple of weeks ago and it’s still so good. It is on the lighter hold side but it works really well for taming any frizzies without weighing my hair down or making it feel like I am wearing product.

And, a lifestyle favourite would definitely be my Halloween decor. Here is my mantle that has acquired a couple of finishing touches in the last couple of weeks. How are we feeling about the cat head ornament? I didn’t realize that it would look so bizarre but I am leaving it, my cats hate it and keep attacking it 😀

Next Monday being October 1st means that it is time for 31 Nights of Horror, for the month of October I will post a brief movie review of whatever horror movie I watched that day. Last year, I did still post beauty related content at the same time and will continue with that since not everyone loves horror movies! This is just an FYI that things will look a little different starting next week and I hope that you enjoy! I will probably review some movies that I did last year but will try and mix it up, if you have any recommendations then please let me know!! I hope that you are having a beautiful week and enjoying the lovely fall weather if it has come to your area. What were you loving this month?

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