Fall Decor Mood Board

I was just perusing Pinterst when I came upon this article from Elle entitled; Outdated Home Trends We Hope May Never Come Back. And I’m like; That’s my entire apartment you whore. Someone’s personal style can be trendy without being driven by temporary trends – it’s called style, read a Vogue. Anyway, I have a four-day weekend for the simple reason that I just don’t want to be at work having to be nice to people. I feel that’s a good enough reason. My only agenda is to scope out every homeware store in a 40 mile radius and get some fall decor. By fall, I mean Halloween because I already determined that I cannot be one of those people who separates the two. So of course I took to Pinterest to get some ideas, I don’t actually know what a mood board is but Elle will probably call me out on it later if I did it wrong.

I really like that there area different themes to pick from, I recall the Halloween decor being very similar when I was a kid but now you can get everything from cute to super creepy. I think this year I am going for classic meets cults. I mean, I really just want to post a Ouija Board up in my apartment and the rest will be cutesy vintage. I’d like to sleep in until noon but Target opens up at 7 AM and I am not fighting any soccer moms over Dollar Spot real estate đŸ˜› What are you up to this weekend?

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    • quitesimplystella

      Haha! Same, there’s still something creepy about them even if they are a bunch of hooey. Yea, the white is different and fresh!!

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