Halloween Decor Haul!

I had today off for the sole purpose of finishing my shopping for Halloween decor. I wanted to be out early and home early because I can’t be bothered with people, so I am driving around at 6 AM and realized that the only stores open that early are grocery stores, Walmart and pharmacies. I haven’t been going into Walmart, I blogged about that a while ago because I just don’t love supporting them. I sucked it up and found some really cute things, I hope that my $34 goes to a good cause. Next stop was Target which didn’t have their Halloween stuff out even though their website said September 9th – the employees seemed ultra annoyed too that I was poking around while they were unpacking stuff but I did manage to snag a couple of items. Hobby Lobby thought that it was December and already had more Christmas stuff out than Halloween, it was still fun though and I am lucky that I get to have leisurely days like these. Here are the goodies!

That garland and most of the pieces on the left are from Michael’s who had their stuff out weeks ago, the rest is a mix of Target and Walmart finds. The Boo sign and glitter pumpkins actually go out in front of my door but I’ll wait a few days weeks to set those out.

How amazing is this pumpkin lady?! This was a Walmart find and I cannot believe how perfectly fits the classic/vintage vibe that I wanted. I love how many papier mache/paper pulp pieces stores had this year. Side note, how do you say papier mache? I say pap-ee-ay ma-shay instead of paper mache because that’s how my second grade Art teacher said it and apparently that’s not how everyone else says it.

This wizard owl is the same as the pumpkin lady and it is also perfect, the detail on the robe is lovely. The velvet pumpkin came from the grocery store, who knew?

The cat bucket is from my Michael’s trip a few weeks ago, I wanted to put a floral arrangement in it but the bowl is very shallow and I just added some filler. More amazing velvet grocery store pumpkins.

These felt dolls are from Target, super adorable.

These ceramic pumpkins are from the Dollar Spot, the Eek letters have been in my collection for 5’ish years and I always find a way to use them each year.

My cats hate this felt pumpkin king, you can see the little holes in his robe from where they have worked him over. Last year, they busted off his wand so that’s why he is all crooked. I don’t know what their deal is with this thing but so far, they haven’t found it on the shelf that I have him on. The paper pulp figurines are also from Michael’s, they had loads of fun stuff this year that I will use for years to come.

How cool are these paper pulp ornaments? They were on sale for $4 at Hobby Lobby and were totally worth it. I don’t know where to put them where my cats won’t knock them over but I think they are my second favourite finds of the day.

That’s it, I think that I am done for this year even though I just know that I am going to walk into Target in two weeks and they are going to have all their shit out – thanks a lot. Have you decorated yet?

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  • Selena Hannah

    I cannot really decorate with my son. I bought one real mini pumpkin and he tried to eat the stem. Maybe one year. I’d love to decorate for Halloween. Maybe, I’ll just do the front porch where he can’t get at it. Even if it is just spider web stuff and a reef.

    • quitesimplystella

      Awww – that’s understandable. That would be a hideous trip to the emergency room. My cats just beat stuff up 😂 Yea! There are so many cute outdoor decor items too 🙂

    • quitesimplystella

      I tend to think I have more space than I actually do 😂 Target always does such cute stuff, I hope they keep selling them for a few years!!

  • Hunida

    Oooh so many cute items!! I love it all but especially the cat bucket! I say “paper mache” but I’ve heard people pronounce it like you and your 2nd grade art teacher, too! I have 3 cats and can’t stand them knocking things down and ruining things so I just gave up on decorating lol.

    • quitesimplystella

      Cats are such jerks! Mine go nuts on the Christmas decor 😭 Haha! I’m glad because I like saying it that way. Michael’s had super cute items, I think there was a pumpkin bucket too but the cat was a little more unusual 😊

  • starringpamela

    I’ve bought one Halloween thing so far this year haha. You definitely have me beat! Also, yeah those craft stores are always super ahead of the others I’ve noticed. I think because a DIY project could take so much longer depending on what it is to make so they want to be ready for when those customers are shopping? That’s the only reason I can think of!

    • quitesimplystella

      I think I jumped the gun this year, I thought that retailers would have their stuff out but apparently not! That’s a good point, those crafters probably need an earlier timeline than the rest of us. They had such cute stuff this year, I’m glad they started early 🎃

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