Life-Changing Inventions from My Lifetime

First, I have lost my Gloss Bomb – it’s my favourite lip gloss and it goes everywhere with me so I have no idea how I lost it but alas. I don’t want to purchase a new one because I just bought a new tube like 3 months ago and that shit’s expensive. I could to a psychic and have them tell me where it is for less than a new tube. Things I would consider going to a psychic for: location of lost lip gloss, find out if a serial killer lives in my building and where does Home Depot find all of those hot guys to be in their commercials because you never see them in actual stores.  I feel like that’s a 20 minute session with time to spare, I mean, I don’t even need to speak with anyone from the other side. Anyway, I got to thinking about all of the things in my life that I take for granted and don’t know what I would do without them. Here’s a handful of everyday items that I am so pleased exist in my lifetime!

alphabetized cassette tapes

The birth of the internet predates my own but widespread accessibility only came to fruition in the 90’s and I was there for it. You wouldn’t think it was that different but it was, you would fire up the internet and there would be a blank page with the URL bar and that was it. It was a lot less tangible than it is today, forget about online shopping, surfing the web consisted of 10 sites that all looked exactly the same probably because there was only one web designer back then who everyone thought was nuts because nobody even knew what that was. The internet was a very uncool place 20 years ago, it’s come a long way.

alphabetized cassette tapes

Because I simply cannot drink an entire pot of coffee and no, you can’t make half a pot because it just doesn’t taste the same! I always add too little or too many grounds so I make a whole pot then I throw half away and it’s a waste of water. I wasn’t sold on the Keurig because of the plastic K-cups but as soon as compostable cups became available, I was sold.

alphabetized cassette tapes

Those little black balls that are dumped into lakes to prevent evaporation, they are called Shade Balls. I have one small improvement on them, why aren’t they filled with water and made of some water soluble material that dissolves when both sides are exposed to water so that they burst at some point once they are dropped in the lake?! I get that there are native species in the water that could be impacted but human beings already fucked that gig anyway, why aren’t we taking water from areas that have an abundance to other areas that need it?

alphabetized cassette tapes

Arguably, this could share a line item with the Internet but I feel like online shopping has revolutionized consumerism for better or worse and is deserving of its own mention. I grew up in a very small town so we did a lot of catalogue shopping which was kind of mystical in its own right, you’d fill out the form and send away for items that may or may not be in stock. We actually had a JCP catalog store, it was like the size of a gas station and you’d go in and place your order, made no sense. I think that you get your measurements done and maybe that was the point? I don’t know but being able to jump on a website, find out what’s in stock, place your order and have it all delivered to your door? Amazing. It does make me sad to see half-empty malls though especially during the holidays.

alphabetized cassette tapes

I can finally take advantage of those 2-for-1 sales that I always skipped on because I knew I couldn’t lug two cartons home. I don’t know how they did it but it’s pretty amazing.

What advances are you glad that you don’t have to live without?

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  • Hunida

    I didn’t know they made compostable K-Cups now! I have a mini coffee pot from Walmart, it makes 3 or 4 cups at a time & I just drink it all to not waste hahah.

    Online shopping is amazing but I’m sad about the malls emptying out too! & yes! That lightweight cat litter is a dream. When I first saw it, I picked it up like “yeah right!” & was pleasantly surprised how light it really was!

    • quitesimplystella

      Yea! I get the Cameron’s Velvet Moon but there’s a few brands that do them now. Haha! I totally forgot that you can buy smaller coffee makers, that makes more sense than a whole 8-cup one. Who has the time to drink that much coffee?!

      Right?! I love the decorations and festive feel but it seems like all that is dying out ☹️ Yes! It’s amazing, completely genius.

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