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Monday Must Have – KKW Beauty

Have you ever just been walking along, mostly minding your own business, thinking about the delicious things you are planning to eat for dinner when you full-on eat shit? Legit me leaving the craft store today. No ice, it had been raining so maybe my sandal was slick but still – talk about lame, falling down for no reason. Then, the person who you are with says, I think you should get screened for MS. Yes, THANK YOU for being so helpful. In their defense, they were with me the last time I fell down but it was on ice so I had good reason. I found some new additions to my Halloween display, worth it:

Today’s Monday Must Have is from a brand that I never thought I would try because I just don’t get the whole Kardashian appeal. I am sure it’s been quipped a thousand times before but honestly, what do they do?! If you are as old as I am, you associate the Kardashians with the OJ Simpson trial, a leaked sex-tape and closet organization. I mean, how do you amass a multi-billion dollar empire from that? Anyway, I inexplicably had to have The Classic Palette as soon as I saw it used in a tutorial. This is a 10-pan palette that includes 7 matte shadows and 3 metallic ones. The case is very minimal, it has a decent weight to it and includes a nice mirror – it’s super plain but has a very NARS feel about it.

Looking at this palette, it could be considered the most boring, overdone palette in existence or a palette that you will literally use everyday and it’s definitely the latter for me. These shades are what I reach for on a daily basis for easy to throw together work looks. I like that it has a mix of warm and cool tones that all work really together, it’s not hard to create a look that looks totally polished. Something else that drew me to this palette is that it’s formulated for easy layering, the pigment starts out light and can be built to your desired deepness. For me, I find it hard to work with really pigmented shadows like ABH and I prefer ones that can be built up. The mattes are so smooth and buttery, they blend flawlessly and are some of my favourite mattes that I have tried to date. I really, really cannot believe how good they are! The metallic shades are pretty standard, they aren’t the most amazing in my collection but they are definitely lovely. They did that tacky thing where the shadow names are on the back of the package, I can’t even be bothered with that, it drives me nutty.

Is it the most groundbreaking color story in the history of palettes? No, but it’s the formula that had made it such a standout addition to my collection. I think it’s a fantastic fall transition palette and I know that I am going to keep using it. If you use neutrals like this everyday, I think it’s definitely worth it! Do I feel personally victimized that I had to pay shipping? Yes, yes I do. I don’t think that I would try anything else from the brand, I think that their eyeshadow formula is awesome and hope that they (she) will release something for the holidays!

Have you tried anything from KKW Beauty? Let me know if there are any other standout products!

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  • LindaTalksBeauty

    That palette is so pretty! I love all warm-toned eyeshadows, but since I have so many already I try to avoid buying anymore warm-toned palettes unless I’m absolutely in love. With that being said, I haven’t tried this palette from KKW or anything else yet, but I want to one day!

    • quitesimplystella

      Yea, it’s interesting that brands keep coming out with warm palettes but I guess people keep purchasing them! I definitely did not need it but it’s getting used 🙂 I wonder if she will keep releasing new products? Nothing had really caught my eye up to this point!

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