31 Nights of Horror

31 Nights of Horror – Fright Night (1985)

This classic 1985 vampire thriller is about Charley Brewster, a typical teenager who is certain that his new neighbor is a vampire and responsible for the deaths of at least three young women after seeing him and another man hauling a coffin through their back yard. Charley tries to tell his mom and the police what happened but they assume that he is nuts and even confront Jerry (vampire neighbor) and his roommate Billy which leads the authorities to even further disbelieve Charley’s story. Charley, out of desperation seeks out a former vampire hunter and star of Fright Night, one of his favourite televisions shows but is ultimately rebuffed when not even Peter Vincent believes him. Charley decides that he has to kill Jerry on his own but his girlfriend, Amy and zany friend Evil convince him that this would be murder and they also appeal to Peter Vincent for help. Side note, how does the dweeb sidekick have a better name than the vampire? Anyway, Peter refuses to help until Amy offers to pay him and he then agrees to prove that Jerry is not a vampire. The trio and former vampire hunter confront Jerry and put him through the typical vampire detecting tests including drinking holy water and touching a cross – both which he passes but Peter leaves the house suddenly convinced that Jerry is a real vampire.



Jerry attacks Charley later the evening and changes into his vampire self, this might be the only movie with vampires where the vampires are absolutely hideous. Charley impales his hand with a pencil and Jerry flees. While he doesn’t succeed in vanquishing Charlie, he does turn both Evil and Amy into vampires. Peter Vincent finally decides to assist Charley, Evil is killed and Amy is released from the spell when Jerry is finally defeated.


This is definitely one of my favourite vampire flicks, it is so quintessentially 80’s and the cast is a lot of fun. It isn’t overly stylized for a vampire movie and the soundtrack is awesome. One would think that the special effects would feel a little dated but they stand the test up of time and are still pretty gross. It’s a modern retelling of an ancient tale that’s still worth the watch!

Foxy but quick John Leguizamo ponders view.


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