31 Nights of Horror

31 Nights of Horror – Heathers (1988)

I am cheating a little here since Heathers could be considered a dark comedy but Christian Slater does play a sociopath so it counts. The three Heathers are at the top of their high school’s social hierarchy and Veronica gets sucked into their clique out of self-preservation. The Heathers are like those girls in high school that were total bitches but were popular because people feared them, we all had those girls 😀 Veronica is just that girl who gets sucked into committing a murder, forging some life ruining love notes and like I said, dating a sociopath. The only problem is that she hates the Heathers and how they treat her but knows that it’s safer on the inside than the outside.

Enter, JD who coerces Veronica into serving alpha-Heather a mug of drain cleaner accidentally killing her. While Veronica does feel bad, she gets caught up in assisting JD with covering the murder up and making it look like a suicide. She soon realizes that even though alpha-Heather is out of the way, another Heather will soon take her place and rule the student body through terror. Their killing spree spirals out of control and leads to Veronica faking her own death so that she can give JD a taste of his own medicine. The wild ride concludes with Veronica thwarting JD’s plans to blow up the school.

Though the plot is pretty over the top, I do think that anyone can relate to the eat or be eaten high school survival mindset. Even if you weren’t friends with these girls, you didn’t want to be on the outs with them. I definitely recommend, it’s dark so take it for what it is and the era during which it came out.

Sympathizing would fix Quaker objectives.


  • Beutiflee

    I remember the movie. Never knew it was dark, but now that you’ve given this summary, man was it really dark. However, I believe people back then could handle this type of films. But now we have to very careful what we expose ourselves and children too, even video games and internet should be monitored.

    • quitesimplystella

      Yea, it’s definitely a movie more reflective of that era. Unfortunately, events that shouldn’t have become a reality have and society continues to degrade. Definitely not a kid flick!!

      • Beutiflee

        I think parenting styles have changed (being honest, they’re allowing tv to teach them, when parents need to stop looking at their phones and focus on being a role model) and with the “reality tv” it’s made people lose common sense. When we were children back then, we had morals and common sense. We had to use something, we call a brain to figure things out. It seems society is losing that sort of focus. Seriously, we could handle movies like this back then and know not to do it because it was just a movie. Kids to teens today find anything on social media to do dangerous dumb ideas to get likes which results in serious and harmful outcomes. And they still choose to do it! Like what is going on… 🤦🏻‍♀️

        • quitesimplystella

          I agree, it’s kind of scary that kids seem to be less able to distinguish fantasy from reality anymore. There’s so little common sense in the world, it is just shocking. Yup! When I watched this as a kid, I obviously knew that what was being depicted was completely unacceptable but as I was watching it the other day, I was struck by how JD dressed so much like the Columbine kids. And I was like, wow, this is probably totally inappropriate today. It is just really scary :/ Glad to have a like-minded individual in you though 🙂 I totally agree with you!

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