31 Nights of Horror

31 Nights of Horror – Interview with the Vampire (1994)

I watched this last night and then promptly went to sleep before posting about it so I’ll use it for today’s movie which is cheating a tad. Confession, I have never read the Anne Rice books that this movie is based on, I have never read any Anne Rice. I remember my mother being super anti-Rice but I don’t think that would have stopped me, I read loads of other horror books as a kid.

Louis De Pointe Du Lac is a wealthy plantation from the 1700’s who has been living an eternal life as a vampire and agrees to an interview with a nutty reporter who seems to want to have his blood sucked. Louis was turned into a vampire after the death of his wife and child by Lestat who finds him overcome with grief and pondering suicide. While Lestat revels in being a vampire and preying on the wealthy of New Orleans, Louis finds his blood lust repulsive and refuses to feed on people. That is until he meets a young girl whose mother has died of the plague and has contracted the sickness herself. Lestat turns Claudia into a vampire for Louis and they raise her as a daughter, the three live in harmony for some time until Claudia tries to kill Lestat out of anger that she will never grow old. Louis and Claudia plot to kill Lestat and after succeeding, flee to Paris where they live another 100 years until they meet more vampires and are punished for killing Lestat. Louis is again alone in the world when he comes upon Lestat who has been reduced to living off of animal blood, he doesn’t remain with him though. The last we see of Lestat, he has attacked the reporter and is on the verge of turning him into a vampire.

It’s a stunning movie, from the costumes to the setting and the tragic beauty of the vampires who have been cursed with eternal life. As much as humans fear our own mortality, living forever would be infinitely worse. I can’t imagine outliving all of the people I love, through decades of technological advances plus, if you didn’t figure out how to get rich then you’d be totally lame. This movie makes vampires seem a bit pitiful.

I am curious if you have read the books, are they any good?



    • quitesimplystella

      It’s a bizarre movie, I’m sure the books are probably weird too. I don’t know if I could get into them. I’m still not sure about parts of the movie 😂

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